TU-134 and TU-154 were exploded from their toilets

The preliminary results of the investigation of the crash of TU-134 and TU-154 gave the grounds to say that acts of terrorism took place.
The pilots of both the planes gave SOS signals, the damages of both the planes were identical - their tails were torn in the air, and there were females whose relatives have no interest to their destiny, on both the planes...

The Gazeta obtained the details of the preliminary investigation results of the planes crash.

It was detected that shortly before the catastrophes, the pilots of both the planes pressed the alarm buttons. TU-154 which crashed in Rostov region, sent SOS signal, while Tu-134 which fell in Tula region, managed to put on the air the signal, "Attack on the plane".

The source being close to the Staff investigating the plane crashes, confirmed to Gazeta that "today all the specialist agree that both the catastrophes were caused by planned terrorist attacks" which killed 90 people. At first, the experts on explosives were puzzled as they saw no traces of explosions in the passenger salons or noses of the planes. However, when the tail part of the TU-154 was examined, in the area where the toilet is, a piece of the edging with the illuminator had been torn away. Experts believe this is an evidence of small explosion, and after it the tail was torn and the plain went down and collapsed into pieces. This version was confirmed by the results of the searching on the ground. In both Tula and Rostov regions the planes fell in the same way: the tail, then – fuselage, the nose part and the cockpit. Had the planes collapsed in the air with no explosions, their tails would inevitably have fallen behind. It could be brought forward only after an explosion had taken place.

As for explosives, they could be of small power – up to 500 grams of trotyl. This was sufficient for blowing up the planes. It would not be hard for the terrorists to bring explosives in size of two bars of soap, aboard the planes. 

Chairman of the Commission on investigating the crashes’ causes Igor Levitin said that the information is collected on passenger Jebirkhanova who had been on the plane flying to Sochi. No relatives asked about her, and no information is known on her. A similar situation is about a native of Chechnya Amanta Nagaeva who was flying on the plane to Volgograd.

The experts have a version that the martyrs put the explosives in action in the toilets. For this reason, there was no fire on the planes, and most of the bodies were neither burned no disfigured by explosion.

Gazeta obtained the information that soon the investigation of the cases can be put under article 205 of Russian Criminal Code (“Terrorism”). Previously, the cases were under article 263 on breaking the rules of exploiting aircrafts which carelessly caused people’s deaths. “Breaking the rules of exploiting aircrafts” means bringing charges against the pilots or technicians who prepared the planes for the flight. However, no evidence of their fault has been found. Had there been plane breakage during the flight, the pilots would have had time to notify the air traffic controllers about this. The version of the low quality of the plane fuel is unlikely to be true either.

During fuelling plane, explosive mixture of kerosene and air can be made, and any spark can cause an explosion. However, no traces of powerful explosion and flame were found in the plane salons.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova