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Terrorists approach Moscow

400 grams of trinitrotoluol (TNT) was found in one of the apartment buildings in southern region of Moscow, stated a source at the state department of internal affairs to RBK.

“Last night, one of the residents from the building on Orekhovi Ave. Discovered two TNT blasting cartridges weighing 200 grams each and eight electrical detonators behind an electrical control unit inside the building,” informed the source.

Combat engineers seized the blasting cartridges with the detonators. The apartment building was thoroughly searched. At the moment, all residents are returning to their homes. No other explosives were found there. Police gathers evidences to investigate the case, reports RIA “Novosti”.


On March 14th 2004, law enforcement unit arrested a man with a self-made explosive device. Around 9 pm police received an emergency phone call. A unit arrived to the given address. They discovered a man lying unconscious on the ground with an open sport bag next to him. As it turned out, the man was under the influence. In fact, he was so drunk, he could not even remember his name. He did not have any documents with him. His bag contained 2 TNT blasting cartridges weighing 200 grams each with an attached detonator from RGD-5 hand grenades as well as two bottles of vodka. The man was immediately delivered to one of the hospitals and combat engineers from FSB destroyed the device.

Today, police intends to question the man and find out the origin of the explosive device.

Terrorists approach Moscow

In March of this year, Moscow militia located an entire storage of explosives in one of the apartments in the town of Lubertsi (right by Moscow). According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, they discovered nearly 5 kg of TNT, 21 parts of grenade cup discharges, 19 electro detonators, 18 timers made from ordinary wristwatches “Casio”, and three hand grenades, reports “Rosbalt”.

According to criminal investigators, timers, parts from grenade discharges are similar to the ones used in several terrorist acts in  Moscow suburbs.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov