Female soldiers are assaulted and raped

In town Darmshtadt, Southern Germany, a US Army female soldier was beaten and raped by unidentified criminals.
The 20-year old girl arrived at the local military garrison only several days ago. When she was waiting for a bus at the bus stop, five men suddenly started cursing at her. She tried to run away, but the criminals knocked her down, beat and raped.

The girl was hospitalized with serious traumas. German law-enforcers started investigating the incident and searching for the criminals. There is a version that radical Moslems could be involved in the crime.

This is not the first case of female soldiers being raped in on their missions in other countries.

In October 2002 a Polish soldier of 10th Tank brigade was accused of raping private first class from German Army.

The Pole raped the German female at 4 am in the bar of town Sventoshov where Polish and German tank crews were on the exercise.

There were German and Polish soldiers in the bar. After drinking much, he Polish soldier threatened the German female with a knife and raped her. After this fight started in the bar, the police arrived and established order.
During the exercise German tank crews were teaching their Polish counterparts who earlier had received 15 “Leopard 2A4” German tanks. Polish President and the Defense Ministers of both the countries participated in the ceremony of handing the tanks to Polish troops.

Meanwhile, some American soldiers rape their female colleagues as well. Last February the US Army encountered the most serious accusations of sexual assault in many years: dozens of the female soldiers from the Persian Gulf and other regions claim that they were assaulted or raped by their male fellow-soldiers.

There were 112 reports on sexual wrongdoings in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan in the last 18 months. There were 86 incidents in the ground troops, 12 in the Navy, 8 in the Air Force and 6 in the Marine Corps.

20 females serving in the Air Base at Sheppard, called the local Crisis Center with complaints about rapes. Military Command reported that the investigation on the crimes is in progress, some of the wrongdoers had already been punished.

In February US Defense Minister Donald Ramsfeld ordered to investigate the cases of rapes in Iraq and Kuwait.

Female soldiers are raped by their colleagues mainly in the remote areas where they can hardly receive medical treatment. Women complain at lack of medical care, careless attitude to their complaints, and revenge of their fellow-soldiers for the reports on sexual assaults.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova