Sex helped female student to avoid prison

The woman accused of the accident resulted in deaths of three people, managed to make the investigation suspended for one year by becoming pregnant.
The 26-year old student of Moscow Law School was heading from Moscow to her country house in her Skoda-Fabia vehicle on July 13, 2002. On the 8th kilometer of Moscow-Rassudovo highway her vehicle suddenly moved in the opposite direction line and crashed into VAZ-2109 vehicle following in the opposite direction. The lady was driving that vehicle with three passengers: her father, her 6-year old son and the neighbor of her country house. All the adults in the vehicle died, only the 6-year old boy named Roma survived. He was hospitalized with concussion of the brain. After recovery the boy was taken by his grandmother – his only relative left. She has only small pension to support her grandson.

The young lady refused to pay the boy any money for killing his mother and grandfather. The woman said that she was driving on the right line, and was attacked by VAZ-2109 vehicle. After the experts refuted her version, the future lawyer said she had fainted when driving her vehicle because of the smoke in the air caused by the fire in the woods of Moscow region. The lady was indignant that the investigators were not searching for possible causes making her vehicle to move in the opposite line.

The experts said that the student’s vehicle was in good technical condition. Charges were brought to the lady. The seriousness of the accident and the lady’s refusal to admit her guilt could result in arresting the lady until the end of the investigation. However, the police had to suspend the investigation after the lady became pregnant in spring 2003. The doctors decided that the woman can have miscarriage during investigation procedures.

The future lawyer did not have to deal with the police during the period of pregnancy, delivery and the first months after the delivery. The investigation was completed only in spring 2003, and the case was submitted to court. However, the lady is still not acknowledging her guilt. Even if the court recognizes her guilty, she is unlikely to be sent in prison, her sentence may be several years of living in special settlement for the convicted for minor crimes.

Source: MK

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova