A man eviscerates an 11-year-old boy

37 year-old Vadim Strokov has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Novosibirsk regional court. Strokov was found guilty in brutally murdering an 11 year-old boy in summer of 2003.

The Court found Strokov guilty in murder in accordance with law № 132 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (sexual molestation of a child), law № 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation regarding brutal murdering of a child, as well as law №244 (perverted sexual encounter with a dead body).

Investigators managed to recreate the events of the day of the child's murder. The 11-year-old boy went fishing in the company of his two friends. On the way to the pond, the boys encountered a shabby dressed man who started showing various porno magazines to the kids. Two boys ran away. One continued looking at the pictures. Strokov attacked the little boy and raped him. Afterward, Strokov grabbed a stone and hit the boy three times on the head with it. The boy died as a result of the hitting. The next day, the accused had returned to the same place and outraged upon the boy's dead body. He had cut out the boy's liver, heart and reproductive organs. In addition, he had carved a cross on the boy’s back.

The boy's body was discovered several days later by a passer by. Both of the run away kids provided detailed description of the maniac. It did not take long for the law enforcement to find a loader of one of the construction companies. Vadim Strokov lived with his mother on Nikitin street.

It was later determined that the criminal had already been charged with rape. He was also a patient of a mental clinic. Several hundred law enforcement authorities participated in the process capturing Strokov.

According to the data of the psycho-psychiatric expertise, Strokov was absolutely healthy mentally and can fully bare the responsibility for his actions.  
Source: NewsRu

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov