Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

The Caliphate to start in Cameroon?

Violent clashes with police took place last week in the north-west of Cameroon. Three people were killed after the local authorities tried to switch education and the legal system in English-speaking provinces into French language.

Pravda.Ru requested an expert opinion on the subject from the head of the Center for Studies of Russian-African Relations and Foreign Policies of African States, Yevgeny Korendyasov.

"Who benefits from the escalation of the conflict in Cameroon? Is it Nigeria that has territorial disputes with Cameroon, or is the conflict beneficial to Boko Haram that operates in the region?"

"It is Boko Haram, of course. Boko Haram is a Nigerian organization. Nigeria is a member of the coalition to combat terrorism, including Boko Haram."

"Does France want to seize natural resources of the region?"

"This is a distant goal."

"Does the government of Cameroon ignore the experience of Ukraine? World experience shows that the language issue is a very sensitive one in international relations that may lead to a civil war."

"Cameroon is ruled by the president, who spends ten months a year living in Switzerland. Obviously, this issue is used to destabilize the country through Jihadist terrorist forces which follow the largest terrorist organization of our times - Boko Haram. This organization has extended its activities in neighboring countries, including Cameroon, Niger and Mali. Boko Haram has joined the Islamic State (banned in Russia). It continues conducting terrorist activities in the region, trying to revive the old Caliphate that used to exist on the territory.

"Boko Haram is a 5,000-strong organization that is responsible for approximately 60% of human losses as a result of terrorist activities throughout the Sahara and the Sahel zone. Thus, Boko Haram operates in the north of Cameroon to knock the country out from the coalition that struggles against terrorism in Africa."

"Is there a threat of a civil war?"

"Of course there is, but not so great for the time being. However, the Cameroonian authorities conduct activities to strengthen their positions and organize stronger resistance to Boko Haram. Russia and Cameroon cooperate in the fight against the terrorist threat. Russia supplies certain types of arms to the country, there are agreements to ship small arms and other military equipment to Cameroon to combat terrorist threats."

Cameroon appeared in 1961 as a federal state consisting of two parts - the French-speaking and English-speaking ones: Southern Cameroon and the Republic of Cameroon (East Cameroon) - The Federal Republic of Cameroon (PRK). The Anglophones, being in their minority since then, believe that they are subject to the growing French influence. The French was made the state language in Cameroon during the 1990s, while the English was not. The country was renamed as Republique du Cameroun, and representatives of Francophones took about 90 percent of seats in the government. The Anglophones also believe that oil industry revenues of Cameroon are used only for the benefit of the Francophones.


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