Novorossia victory! Prisoners paraded

By Xavier Lerma

Does the following video have scenes from WWII of captured Nazis marching through the streets? No, but they are Nazis supported by Obama who avoided fighting the militia directly and preferred to bomb and shoot women, children and the elderly. What courage they must have to kill babies and destroy their own people. The CIA taught them well. The western media warps the truth by favoring Poroshenko and ignoring the genocide in SE Ukraine. August 24th was a true day of victory as Novorossia came one step closer to independence.

Novorossia victory! Prisoners paraded

Novorossia is fighting for freedom. Don't expect the western media, especially the US (who ironically fought tyranny for their independence) to support the people of the Donbass area. After the US overthrew the Kiev government in Ukraine, the new regime sent their army with the goal to murder all the people in SE Ukraine who were in the way of Chevron and other oil and gas companies for fracking purposes. It had to be done quickly because Russia has cheaper gas for Europe already and the EU and US prefer their own gas alternative. 

The Odessa tragedy caused Obama's regime to focus on illegal aliens crossing the border. The Malaysian flight MH17 was hope for Kiev to ask for more money but more importantly more troops. They got billions from Obama Warbucks and the best propaganda machine in world history to back up their lies. Genocide? What Genocide?

It's pay-back time Kiev, USA.  The Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) has gone on the offensive. Anna News reported 7,000 Kiev troops were surrounded and their destroyed equipment was put on display. According ITAR-TASS , militia headquarters reported "Around five thousand servicemen with weapons and around 50 tanks, more than 200 combat armored vehicles, about 50 multiple launch rocket systems Grad and Uragan, more than 100 artillery guns and mortars were blocked in the trap,".

The victory goes to these men and women who are tired of the shelling and have seen their loved ones literally blown apart. One day they woke up and heard they were called terrorists by their own country and even by America the land of the free. A nightmare in a twilight zone of stinking death and never ending tragedies. Live free or die.

The people decided to fight on a larger scale. ITAR-TASS  reported "Three infantry brigades have been formed from militia units. A voluntary regiment has been set up to comprise Ukrainian servicemen, who have voluntarily taken the DPR side, and Donbass coalminers, the militia said."

Officials of Donetsk started the parade with prisoners marching. People at the parade shouted "fascists!" and "murderers!" Street-cleaning machines came after the dirty prisoners and sprayed water on the street to everyone's applause and laughter. Unfortunately, Obama and Poroshenko were missing from this parade.

"This is no independence day. This is a plague on our land, the fascists who have taken control of Kiev who are now shooting at hospitals and morgues," said Grigory. "Today is the so-called independence day of what was Ukraine. And look what has happened to their equipment. This is what has become of Ukraine!" said Nursa.

Oleg Tsarov tried to do it the legitimate way and wanted to run for president of Ukraine. He did not know Kiev learned to play the "Chicago way" and so he was brutally beaten inside and outside of the ICTV media building. He was nearly destroyed but he never gave up. On August 24th he could share in this victory as well. He was at the parade and gave a short speech. He wrote in his Facebook. The following is a short version:

"We won because God is with us and the truth, but we are not gloating. We want the good of our people - the people of New Russia. Therefore, we will fight for our freedom and we will win. As a Ukrainian people we wish a speedy liberation from the occupying regime. After using Poroshenko, America occupied the Ukraine and tried to occupy us. Our common duty is to free Ukraine from Nazi power and give back to the people their country and to punish those responsible for inciting fratricidal war. We will win - no doubt about it. But our victory should be clean and bright. It should be a victory of the spirit over the baser passions of greed, hatred and revenge."

Xavier Lerma

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov