"Israel suffers another humiliating defeat from the Palestinian resistance"

The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Seyed Massoud Yazayeri, said the compulsory withdrawal of the Israeli military in the Gaza Strip constitutes the third and humiliating failure of the system of Tel Aviv.

The historical failures suffered by Zionists during the wars of the 22 days and 8 days (against the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas) in Gaza, were concluded with the destruction of the power of the occupying regime of Israel in the recent military offensive (.. .) in the coastal enclave, and today the whole world is aware of the falsity of this authoritarian regime, said on Tuesday the Persian military high commander.

According to Yazayeri there is no hope of finding a peaceful process based on democracy and the will of the majority of residents in the occupied territories, since the existence of the Israeli regime is linked to aggression and murder.

Likewise, the military officer said that the historical memory of the world will remember forever the deadly silence and complicity of the Arab reactionary leaders and the US-Israeli regime in the massacre of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

So Yazayeri analyzed the Israeli military failure and the Palestinian resistance, which showed only a small part of its capacity in the recent war, adding to the historical list of frustrations the Tel Aviv regime and its ally the U.S., in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

The Israeli regime and HAMAS reached on Monday (04) evening an agreement to declare a ceasefire of 72 hours which came into force on Tuesday (05) at 05:00 GMT.

After the announcement of the truce, the Israeli army, which began its recent offensive against the Gaza Strip nearly a month ago, withdrew its troops from Palestinian territory on Tuesday without however the Zionist forces having achieved their goals.

Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and ministers of the environment, housing, construction and tourism, Amir Peretz, Uri Ariel and Uzi Landau, respectively, recognized that the Israeli regime has not achieved any of its goals in the offensive against the Palestinian coastal enclave.

The Tel Aviv regime has not been able to deal with Hamas fighters in the Gaza Strip; in fact, the Israelis fired blindly into residential neighborhoods, hospitals, mosques and even schools of the United Nations (UN), in an offensive that killed 1,867 Palestinians, mostly unarmed women and children, while more than 9,500 were injured.

Valter Xeu, editor of Iran News, with information Hispan TV


Translated from the Portuguese version of Pravda.Ru

By Ivan Podgorny



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