Iranian military Chief considers possible Israeli attack suicide

The Iranian Defense Minister, Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi, today warned Israel against any "military adventure" against this country, and said such action would mean self-destruction of the Zionist state.

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"The Zionist regime (Israel) knows that attacking Iran is an unattainable desire, unless they want to commit suicide," expressed Vahidi while denouncing the military threats from Tel Aviv to Tehran, fanned the recent visit by a member of U.S. government.

On the issue, he discarded that the Islamic Republic was scared by a trip to the Middle East last week made by Secretary of Defense of the United States, Leon Panetta, at which time he encouraged their ally Israel and Arab countries to close ranks against the Persian nation.

Vahidi also castigated the plots of Washington and Tel Aviv against the government of Syria, and ranked them as psychological warfare designed to break the isolation of Israel.

But, despite this, he stressed, the Zionists cannot ignore "the historical realities and their inherent ineptitude."

Iran's armed forces are fully prepared to give a definite answer to any ill intention, the minister said, remembering that the hostility of the country's enemies is fed by slander about the country's peaceful nuclear program.

The West uses the argument that Iran's government plans to build nuclear weapons as part of their nuclear program, and has promoted financial,  economic and oil sanctions, despite the fact that Tehran reiterated its purposes are for civilian and medical purposes.

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey