Human eyes possess destructive power of laser

It was known long ago that people could kill with their eyes

Expert on anomalous phenomena and author of many books about miracles Igor Vinokurov tells a story he learnt from an acquaintance of his, a retired police colonel. The head of one of the key departments in a Moscow research institute suddenly died. The man was known for his trouble-making nature and lack of respect towards colleagues and subordinates. One day, the boss advanced some harsh and insulting remark in the address of a subordinate. The latter said nothing but his glance was so sinister that the boss suddenly dropped the head on the desk and began to rattle. When doctors arrived they had to verify death of the man but could not explain the reason why the healthy man died so suddenly.

A pathologist who performed the autopsy said that the heart of the dead man had been stopped by some force the way a human hand may stop a pendulum from swinging. Investigators of the sudden death supposed that the subordinate offended by the boss was probably the force that killed the man. Indeed, his sinister and gloomy glance gave police officers creeps.

It was known long ago that people may have murderous glances. A really sensational story occurred in the beginning of the past century in Paris. Opera singer Massol known by the manner to frown all the time and having gloomy nature was incredibly popular at the Italian Imperial Opera at that time. Once he was singing the Damnation aria in an opera by Halevy with the eyes upraised. At that very moment a technician shifting scenery above the scene fell down and died in an instant. Next time the singer stopped his glance on a bandmaster. The man felt immediately unwell and died of an unusual nervous attack in a couple of days. Massol was told to look at an empty box where nobody was expected to seat at the theatre while singing next time. But later it turned out that a merchant from Marseilles had a ticket to the box but for some reason took the seat only when the performance already began. The merchant died next day after the performance. After so many tragic deaths caused by the gloomy glance of the singer, the opera was excluded from the repertoire once and for all. Singer Massol quitted the scene soon.

Indian yogis and Tibetan magus indulge in long training and get the gift known as Vashitva that helps them tame and even kill wild animals. Consummate animal trainers say they can stop animals with a glance only and pronounce no words at that.

A well-known Russian extrasensory Rosa Kuleshova can see objects at a distance of three meters and read enveloped letters with her eyes closed. This phenomenon proves that the human glance can be penetrative, when humans can look through opaque objects.

Historians say that Russian writer Leo Tolstoy X-rayed people when talking to them. The glance of Joseph Stalin could paralyze people's will and made them lower their gaze. Some people may even have an impact on photographic films. In presence of a special committee, an American man namedas Ted Siriusfixed his eyes on a picture to memorize its every detail and then shifted the eyes to a photographic plate. When the film was developed the committee found a vague picture resembling the original one. Later, experts registered similar phenomena with people suffering from strong visual hallucinations.

To know the secret of putting an evil eye upon others, Igor Vinokurov decided to find out more details from a real witch. He met an old woman named Tamara in a god-forsaken village in Russia's Vladimir Region who was rumored to be capable of putting an evil eye on people. Contrary to the general idea of a witch Vinokurov saw a woman that looked like a good fair with a round face, turned-up nose and blue eyes.

The woman said it was easy to bedevil someone. “Just imagine someone whom you dislike being ill or dead, and make the fancy particularly vivid. Then closely watch the object of dislike when coming across him and curse him in your mind,” the woman confessed.

Researchers wanted to see how the recommendation works in the laboratory environment. Doctor of physical sciences, a bioenergetics therapist Oleg Dubov affected a portion of distilled water in a sealed ampoule with the force of his mind. When physical characteristics of the water were measured the researcher was surprised to know that the water molecule mobility and the water conductivity increased.

In old times when people believed that putting an evil eye on somebody was a really strong weapon in the hands of people known as witches there was a list of diseases that could probably be caused by basilisk glances. Such glances were believed to be so strong that they made adults suffer from leanness, tumors, paralysis, convulsions, blindness, gluttony or impotence. Evil-eyed people suffer from insomnia, nausea, headache and epilepsy. The bedeviled people feel instinctual fear before the above-mentioned symptoms begin to show. Then, a curse reveals itself it yellowish or grayish complexion, stomachache and continuous vomit.

Director of the Wave Information Technologies Institute, Vladimir Hokkanen, says that a glance can be really murderous or at least health-destructive. Indeed, numerous experiments proved that the human glance is a source of a strong biological impulse. Eyes emit emanation of high frequency and thus can affect other people. This explains why many of us can sense an intent look of a person following us.

A member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biology Grant Demirchoglyan, says that like any unique optoelectronic system the human eye both receives and emits signals. The return radiation going from the eye is the short-wave one and thus can be as penetrating as X-rays or a laser. It may influence the central nervous system, the brain and the whole body in general. If experts tentatively prove that the power of human eyes is of the same nature as that of a laser, we will have to believe that fictitious characters able to burn a human being to ashes actually exist.

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Author`s name Olga Savka