Russian Islamic Leader Calls on International Muslim Community to Elect Holy Leader

Supreme Mufti Telget Tajetdin, head of the Central Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Russia, has called on the international Muslim community to elect a holy leader or caliph. As Mr Tajetdin told a Rosbalt correspondent yesterday, an international Islamic leader would enable Muslims 'to solve international conflicts together and the conflicts between different cultures at a time when the world is facing a new war.'

In his address to Islamic leaders of other countries and the regions of Russia Mr Tajetdin proposed inventing a 'more threatening weapon than the dollar or the pound.' In his opinion this weapon would be an international Islamic leader. 'Catholics have the Pope, the Orthodox Church has its Patriarch. We have nobody except God and his Prophet,' said the Supreme Mufti.

In his opinion a supreme Islamic council and election of a world leader could be organised by June 12. Mr Tajetdin suggested holding the council in Baghdad, Mecca, Medina, Moscow or Cairo.

Author`s name Petr Ernilin