Plastic Surgery for Men: Breast Enhancement and Muscle Implants

According to statistics, every fourth man turns to plastic surgeons. Most of them get rid of the droopy ears or correct their noses after fractures. But there are those who are willing to reduce their breast, pump out fat, or even fix their eyes.

Granted, men, unlike women, are in no hurry to get a makeover. Normally, men start seeking help of plastic surgeons closer to age 50. By this age they already have something to get rid of, be it a beer belly, double chin or facial wrinkles. Younger individuals, who do not have the time or willpower to engage in sports, visit plastic surgeons to get some biceps, thick calves and inflated chest.

Silicone breast

Surprisingly, some men (like most women) are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts. While women dream about voluptuous breasts, their second halves want to reduce theirs. Or rather, they want to make their chest flat and chiseled. Unfortunately, to achieve such a result, a single intervention is not enough. For starters, a man will have to undergo breast reduction procedure. The procedure involves fat and excess skin removal and lasts on average 1 to 2 hours. This operation does not cause side effects. The only downside may be a temporary numbness of the nipples. The next stage is placement of chest implants, which involves arthroplasty of pectoral muscles. Simply put, implants are inserted in the man’s chest. But this does not mean that men start looking like women with silicone breasts. In contrast to female prosthetic, men’s implants are more rigid and dense. The result looks like the imitation of a sports torso.

Prep time. If a man dreams of an athletic torso and is not afraid of numbness in the nipples, it is time to start prepping for the surgery. First, buy some vitamin C 3 to 4 weeks before the surgery, as it promotes rapid healing of wounds. Two weeks before the surgery give up cigarettes and alcohol, as well as aspirin, ibuprofen and vitamin E. These drugs dilute blood and may cause bleeding during surgery.

Contraindications. Breast reduction is not recommended for those with cardiovascular, infectious, thyroid problems or cancer, high blood pressure, loss of skin elasticity and severe damage to the chest.

Bodybuilder in 2 hours

If a trainer fails to turn a man into an athlete, a plastic surgeon will do it. Even the feeblest guys look like body builders after arthroplasty. Implants are used to create the biceps, triceps, strong thighs and buttocks. Typically, they are made of silicone, which easily emulates the muscles. Implants are inserted through a small incision (less than an inch). The entire operation takes no more than two hours. However, the recovery period lasts approximately three weeks. During this time, patients will experience the “joys” of new muscle that include swelling and numbness. If the implants are inserted in legs and buttocks, patients are not recommended to walk a lot. In short, it takes approximately a month before patients can sport their masculine hands and sexy, pumped up legs. It will be 3 months before patients can return to a gym.

Prep time. Before surgery, it is important to have blood tests, urine tests, know the level of sugar, and have an electrocardiogram. If a man smokes, he would have to give up his habit for 2 weeks before surgery and 3 weeks after. Otherwise there is a risk that the wounds will not heal properly.

Contraindications. It is not recommended to have a surgical intervention in case of diabetes, chronic diseases and skin diseases.

Flat stomach

If an athlete has huge biceps, tight butt and at the same time displays a protruding beer belly, he will not look like an Apollo. Today six-pack is a synonym of masculinity, since these muscles are hard to get not only in a fitness club, but also in a surgeon’s office. Creation of a six-pack takes time and money. First you need to remove excess fat, and then make it look chiseled, and finally, build a new belly button.

Before going to a plastic surgeon to get rid of a beer gut, patients would have to stick to a diet plan and lose some excess weight. Only then can they go to a plastic surgeon. The surgeon will remove what is left using liposuction. This procedure involves one or two small incisions located in the groin or inside the navel. An hour of work of an experienced surgeon, and flat stomach is ready. If there is too much excessive skin after liposuction, the doctor may suggest a mini-abdominoplasty. Only after these manipulations patients get a muscular stomach. Implants made of silicone inserted in a patient’s stomach will imitate a six-pack.

Prep time. To prep for the operation, it is recommended to stop taking any medicines containing aspirin two weeks before the procedure. Patients should give up cigarettes and alcoholic beverages 14-20 days prior to and after the intervention. On the day of, patients are not allowed any food or liquids.

Contraindications. It is not recommended to resort to such intervention in case of cardiac and pulmonary insufficiency, diabetes or obesity.

Off with the muffin tops

When excessive fat on the back that looks like muffin tops is hard to get rid of even after intensive training, men have two alternatives: to accept it or sign up for liposuction. Those who dare to undergo a surgery will get a suction fat pipe inserted under their skin by a surgeon. If necessary, the doctor will remove excess skin forming the folds. Surgery duration depends on the scope of work, and takes on average 1 to 3 hours. Additionally, it is painless and highly effective. The results after liposuction in men are more visible than in women due to greater elasticity of the skin. The only thing that can dampen the joy of gaining an athletic back is swelling. For a few days after the surgery patients are recommended to wear a compression garment. Some bruising is also possible, but it will be gone in a week. In general, the rehabilitation period is one month, although exercises can be resumed one week after the procedure.

Prep time. It is important that patients are in good health. For two weeks before the surgical intervention it is necessary to give up cigarettes and drugs containing aspirin .

Brad Pitt’ s Chin

Why do women find George Clooney, David Beckham, and Brad Pitt most attractive? Not because they are popular all over the world and very rich. The secret is a well-defined, strong-willed chin. It is this part of the body that makes a man a man. According to surgeons, chin gets special attention among men. The saddest part is that this part of the body cannot be fixed by exercises or stimulators. An outstanding chin may be obtained only on the operating table. The secret of turning a nice boy into a brutal man is in the implants, perforated or made of reinforced silicone. The first type is preferable. It is light, and has through holes that allow for growth of local tissue that provides reliable attachment of the implant. During the operation the incisions are placed under the chin or lower lip.

Prep time. A week before the surgery patients must stop taking medication containing aspirin. Also, men should not shave for 2-3 days before the surgery.

Contraindications. This procedure cannot be performed in case of diseases of internal organs, infection, cancer, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Price of a makeover

45,000 rubles ($1,500). Breast reduction is one of the most affordable procedures and costs an average of 45-50 thousand rubles.

150,000 rubles ($5,000). This amount will get you chest implants designed to make your chest look chiseled.

90,000 rubles ($3,000). The final cost of a complex stomach surgery depends on the amount of interference and the amount of tissue removed.

115,000 rubles. ($4,000). Placing implants into the hands or legs is rather expensive.

45,000 rubles ($1,500). This amount will take care of your muffin tops.

45,000 rubles ($1,500). This is the price of an outstanding chin .

Expert Opinion

Andrei Varashkevich, a plastic surgeon, leading specialist of BIOS medical center:

“If we are talking about rejuvenation procedures, men most frequently resort to eyelid surgery because they want to get rid of bags under their eyes. Scars after such intervention are practically invisible, and the cosmetic effect is very good. It has to do with the fact that men’s skin is thick, rough, and, compared to women’s skin, it ages well. Recently, men resort to neck tightening increasingly more. Men try to get rid of excess fat and skin in this area. The doctor tries to choose the place of the incision in a way that allows hiding the scar under a beard or sideburns.”

Arguments and Facts

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov