Materials Discrediting Bill Clinton for $28. Next to Nothing!

Book by Hillary Clinton to come out in June. New facts of her life are to be published
The NY publishing house Simon & Shuster has announced it plans publication of the first giant edition of 1 million copies of memoirs by Hillary Clinton, the wife of the American ex-president. The memoirs of the US first lady, under the title Living History - for $28 a copy - are expected to come onto the market in June. The management of the publishing company predicts the book will become a bestseller and will be bought up in an instant.

Until recently, just a few books of this type (non-fiction) were published in the USA in a giant edition of 1 million copies or more. The authors who have been given this honor were Pope John Paul II, host of scandalous radio talk show host Howard Stern and ex-Chairman of General Electric’s board of directors Jack Welch.

Editions of 1 million copies weren’t even seen such memoirs as those of Secretary of State Colin Powell (the first edition came to 950,000), former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates (800,000) and former NY Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (500,000). There are just a few authors who can boast of such a high fee: according to a signed concluded at the end of 2000, Simon & Shuster paid Hillary Clinton $8 million for her future book.

Hillary's book, which is 576 pages long, was written with the assistance of writer Maryanne Vollers and former speechwriter for Hillary Clinton when she was in the White House Lissa Muscatine. The book covers the 8-year period of Senator Clinton's life in the White House. She says: "It's not meant to be a history, it is a memoir, and I tried to express my feelings about everything that happened during those eight years."

It is perfectly evident that prospective readers will be mostly interested in the most unpleasant episode of Hillary's life, the scandalous affair her husband had with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, a liaison which put Bill Clinton under the threat of impeachment. We can so far only guess to what extent the author of the memoirs will be sincere when describing the scandalous story. The author and representatives of the publishing house have not unveiled the contents of the book. thus calling up more and more interest in the book that is to come out in June. To all appearances, Living History will be in a great demand, indeed.

Meanwhile, already in the near future, America will be able to look at the events mentioned in Hillary Clinton's memoirs from a different point of view - as described by her husband, Bill Clinton: At present, the ex-president of the USA is working on his own memoirs. He has been already paid a sum of $10 million (much more than the fee paid to his wife) by the publishing group Alfred Knopf for the future memoirs. The book has no title yet. It will come out in 2004.

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Author`s name Olga Savka