America Needs a New Dictator

One definition of a Dictator is "A ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained control by force”. Or you can say a dictator is an individual who forms a government where they make decisions without effective constitutional limitations. The dictator has absolute power. They are not held accountable for their actions and are free to do as they please, even limiting citizens' freedom and rights.

Under these conditions, Joe Biden is a Dictator. Biden ignores Congress, ignores the Constitution, ignores the Supreme Court and ignores the citizens of America and does as he pleases.

He has used billions of taxpayer dollars to invite illegal immigrants to invade the country, even supplying air flights to bring in over 320,000 illegal immigrants in 2023 and counting. The illegal immigration problem in America is costing taxpayers around One to One and a Half TRILLION dollars a year.

He prohibits our Border Patrol from doing their job.

He is using American citizen's money to pay off college student loans, who either did or did not obtain degrees in such nonsense as "Theory of Imagination”. The amount to pay off these loans could be near One TRILLION dollars.

Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden has been travelling the World getting drunk, playing with prostitutes, snorting cocaine and smoking crack cocaine while somehow obtaining millions of dollars from foreign people and corporations. A crack cocaine pipe was found in a rental car he had returned. He has a criminal record as a Felon and cannot posses a gun, but he did. A bag of cocaine was found in the White House. The White House said they will probably never be able to figure out who left that little bag of coke. Hunter left a laptop computer at a repair shop with much damaging evidence of his illegal behavior, including his own naked porno films. The FBI took possession of it over two years ago and nothing has been heard since. His father's Department of Justice has nothing to say about the son's felonious illegal behavior.

The Congress of America is the part of the government that "controls the purse strings”, but Biden makes end runs around Congress to send tens of BILLIONS of dollars to a corrupt and murderous regime of self called Nazi's, by the name of "Ukraine”. Recently, Mike Johnson, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the part of Congress that is supposed to represent the interests of the American people, said he did not want to approve more money to the Ukrainian Nazi regime. 70-90% of the American people that he represents do not want to give our money for a foreign war. We want our own border closed to the millions of military age men invading our country. After a meeting with "some people” he changed his mind and stood up in front of cameras and said, "I want my colleagues to be able to vote their will and conscience”. They are paid by us and voted into office by us to vote OUR will and conscience. His choice to give OUR money to the Nazi regime of Ukraine, ignoring OUR will and conscience, makes him a traitor.

It has become known that the several lawsuits and criminal charges brought against Donald Trump were managed from the White House, with various District Attorneys and Federal Prosecutors having many visits to the White House.

It has been proven and admitted by government perpetrators that some documents being used to prove the guilt of Donald Trump have been illegally manipulated by Federal employees and presented to the Court as true documents. This is a crime with penalties of fines and jail time.

It gets better:

Members of Joe Biden's cabinet have not taken verbally or signed an Oath of Office. According to law, Federal employees must swear an oath that they will support, defend, and bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And through the Freedom of Information Act, US attorney Todd Callender, along with his team at Project Proper Oath, found that not a single member of the existing cabinet has a valid oath of office.

  • US Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, has no oath of office.
  • US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, has no oath of office, and has also failed to register as a foreign agent, which is required due to serving on the boards and conducting international business with Raytheon, Nucor, and Tenet Healthcare.
  • US Attorney General, Merrick Garland, has no oath of office.
  • US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has no oath of office.
  • US Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, has no oath of office.
  • US Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, has no oath of office.
  • US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, responsible for declaring a national emergency during COVID, has no oath of office.
  • Former director of the Centers for Disease Control, Rochelle Walensky, had no oath of office.
  • US special counsel, Jack Smith, responsible for investigating the January 6th U. S. Capitol attack and prosecuting Donald Trump with phony documents, has no oath of office.
  • US Attorney for the District of Columbia, Matthew Graves, chief prosecutor of Jan-Sixers, has no oath of office.
  • Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, has no oath of office.

Within 30 days of appointment to public office, all public officials are legally required to have a signed and notarized copy of their oath of office. And it appears as if no elected officials in the Federal government have taken and signed an Oath of Office.

Therefore, they are not official or legal representatives of the American government. This means that none of this administration's acts are legitimate, which means any future administration or foreign government can ignore or eliminate those actions. Legally speaking, they are a criminal Cabal. For an excellent video description about this by Greg Reese, go to www. and type in their search bar: No Oaths of Office in the Federal Government.
I can go on and on with the Constitutional violations and dictatorial policies of Joe Biden. The question is: Why is the US Congress, House of Representatives and the US Senate and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or the US Department of Justice not doing anything about this fraudulent Dictator Joe Biden? The answer is because they are all in on the crime. They have successfully taken over the operations of the United States of America and the destruction of America. Right Wing or Left Wing, are both wings of the same bird going to the same destination. They have committed a successful Coup against America. They are not trying to take over America. They did take over America.

We need a new Dictator.

They have proven themselves to be Anti-American, Anti-Christ, Anti-God, Anti-Humanity and totally against and intent on destroying any and all people who want to live in peace and harmony. They thrive on chaos and destruction and probably get sexual pleasure from watching human bodies being destroyed and torn apart in their murderous wars around the World.

This is what I would highly recommend for our new Dictator to do and I believe over 70% of American citizens would agree and I also believe a majority of the Nations of the World would agree to: Completely DESTROY these traitors to America, committing their Satanic crimes against the entire World's populations. Forget Foreign Policy and eliminate the Domestic Enemies of America.

  • Suspend Congress. Send them home and do not allow them to communicate with the People.
  • Shut down major media and confiscate all their assets including their homes and any other Real Estate they have. Do to them what they have done to millions of Americans: Make them poor. This would include the Journalists, Producers, Executives, Boards of Directors. Put them on trial when we have a legitimate Justice Department.
  • Distribute their studios and other assets among the various independent and honest journalists. There are many now. There are more of us than there are of them.
  • Shut down the Department of Justice. Fire all of the employees and hire new ones. Put on trial the department heads, attorneys and permanent bureaucracy. Hire lawyers fresh out of Law School, read them the riot act, make them sign an Oath of Office with severe penalties for any violations.
  • Arrest all State Attorneys' General that have violated their Oath of Office. Arrest all State employees from Governors and Legislators on down who have violated their Oath.
  • Arrest all County and City employees who have violated their Oath.
  • Arrest all socialist university professors and management. Get rid of the anti-American curriculum and replace it with the 3 Rs. Teach people to think and not indoctrinate them to an anti-Human ideology.
  • Build special jails for the violators, structured in such a way that the People can tour the facility and watch them eat and watch them do their bodily functions behind glass walls where people can express their contempt for them.
  • Abolish all political parties. Elections' now, are not determined by voters, they are determined by donors. Allow any person to run for any political office. Outlaw donations. All candidates will receive from the government of the People, equal funding for campaigning, equal media time on TV, radio or news publications, equal funding for travel and rallies. All offices will be for one term only. Except for the President who can serve as many terms as the People want him.
  • Get out of the United Nations. They are a bunch of racist thugs using our money to ship illegal immigrants into our country.
  • Get out of the World Health Organization. They're a bunch of thugs who want to genocide the World.
  • Get out of the World Economic Forum. Another bunch of thugs who want to impoverish the World. Make them eat their own bugs.
  • Get out of all foreign entanglements. It only benefits the International Criminal Organization known as "Politicians”.
  • Let private corporations develop trade with all countries. It benefits us and them.
  • Eliminate all taxes on people's labor and property. It only makes people more poor and friends of politicians richer. Taxation is theft.
  • Deport all anti-American foreigners, starting with George Soros.
  • Deport all the terrorists and foreign dictators that we harbor.
  • Cleanse the country of all American haters. Either take out the trash or burn it.

Our government employees have turned into communists and socialists against us. Let's give them what they want and go "Full Bore Commie” on them, until the country is returned to the Constitutional principles. America is a failing society, like a ship floundering in the ocean, listing to one side, in danger of being capsized. Eliminate the dead weight, let the People live under the Constitutional principles again and the People will stabilize the ship and pilot us to our ultimate destination of Peace, Harmony and Tranquility.

A few years ago, in the winter, I mentioned to a friend that I was going to start putting seeds out for the birds in my yard. He asked me, "If you do that, do you know what you will get?” I said, "No. What?” He answered, "You'll get Democrats.”

Mark S. McGrew can be reached at [email protected]

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Author`s name Mark S. McGrew
Editor Dmitry Sudakov