Russia-NATO war technically possible, but not because of tabloid articles

Did German intelligence leak top secret NATO-Russia war data to tabloids?

Speculations about a possible war between NATO and Russia, which could supposedly break out as early as in February 2024, have caused quite a stir in the media lately, especially after that Bild article. The article in the German tabloid newspaper said with reference to a secret document of the German Defence Ministry that Germany was getting ready to send about 30,000 troops to the future theatre of military operations between Russia and the alliance.

At the same time, the Russian parliament does not see a point in discussing the likelihood of such a conflict.

The war between Russia and NATO is to break out after clashes in the Suwalki corridor area between Belarus and the Kaliningrad region, Bild wrote. The German tabloid did not say anything on the possible outcome of such hostilities, though.

The appearance of such a "secret document” in the midst of protests in Germany, a decline in the popularity of the ruling coalition and Chancellor Scholz himself does not come incidental, of course.

According to Konstantin Kosachev, Vice Speaker of the Federation Council, the main reason for the publication in the German tabloid appeared against the backdrop of the confrontation between pro-German and pro-American forces in Germany. The German authorities want the Germans to spend more on Ukraine and support the United States that takes the German economy to collapse while the US profits from the conflict most, Kosachev wrote on social media.

The military topic does not come incidental either, Kosachev believes. German Defence Minister Pistorius is one of the leaders among politicians in terms of the level of trust among the Germans.

The purpose of the "leak” is to make the Germans believe that it is better for the Ukrainians to die today than for the Germans to die tomorrow.

"This is a simple and rather clumsy trick, but it shows that the leaders of the Western anti-Russian alliance do not have many tools to choose from when it comes to the need to manipulate the consciousness of their population,” Konstantin Kosachev wrote.

The West has failed in its intention to crush Russia under the pressure of sanctions. Now Western governments "can only intimidate their own people so that others would be afraid.”

NATO-Russia war technically possible

Technically, a war between NATO and Russia could be possible, but tabloid publications on the subject are not trustworthy at all, first deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs, Vladimir Dzhabarov believes.

German intelligence services would never leak such data if they were developing scenarios for war with Russia.

"Remember Germany's Barbarossa — everything was kept top secret, but here they leaked it to media. I do not think one should trust such information, the senator told the Parliamentary Newspaper. It is not ruled out that NATO thus wants to push Russia to starting negotiations with Ukraine, the official added.

NATO was originally established to counter the USSR and then Russia. The alliance always had war plans in different periods of its history, including our days. At the same time, the alliance, as an organisation, requires enormous funding, but many people in today's Europe believe that their governments should spend on other, more important domestic problems, Andrei Klimov, the head of the Federation Council Commission for the Protection of State Sovereignty and Prevention of Interference in the Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation told the Parliamentary Newspaper. It was NATO that created the image of Russia as an aggressor state, and the alliance needs to maintain and promote it.

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Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff
Editor Dmitry Sudakov