NATO's big Russia-NATO war bluff materialises in tabloid publications

Germany is bluffing about NATO-Russia war plans leaking them to Bild

NATO countries are persistently promoting the idea about Russia's imminent attack on Europe. They also want the Europeans to be prepared for a large-scale war with the Russians.

According to Bundeswehr documents that German tabloid Bild exposed on January 15, the war may begin in the summer of 2025. However, representatives of EU military and civilian authorities later said that all that could be "an option for the development of events,” a "fictitious scenario,” or "probable future.”

Noteworthy, the German military thus believe that Ukraine will finally lose in 2024 and cease to exist as a sovereign state. Bild readers wrote in comments to the article: "Like under Hitler, only with a nuclear weapon.”

It is believed that:

  • Russia will begin a new wave of mobilisation and recruit another 200,000 people in February 2024;
  • In spring, the Russian Armed Forces will push the Ukrainian army back, and launch massive cyber attacks and other forms of hybrid warfare in the Baltic countries in July;
  • The Baltic States will continue their discriminating policies against the Russian-speaking population;
  • By October, part of the troops will be redeployed to Kaliningrad to kick off a border conflict in the area of the Suwalki corridor. The Russians will capture the corridor and those obtain direct access to Kaliningrad.”

This scenario implies that Russia, with the support of Belarus, will reproduce the situation of 2014 on NATO territory. The alliance will react in May 2025 and transfer 300,000 troops, including 30,000 Germans, to the eastern flank.

It is worth noting that anti-war sentiments are strong among the population of all EU countries, especially Germany. However, the German authorities want to play the card of war with Russia in order to divert attention from internal problems.

A representative of the German Ministry of Defence refused to either confirm or deny the Bild publication. It was only said that they "take the possible threat seriously.”

"Regardless of this, we, of course, analyse current challenges in the field of security policy. These include a threat from Russia. This analysis is reflected, for example, in exercises or planning,” a Bundeswehr speaker said.

Director of the NATO Centre for Strategic Communications Janis Sarts later said that the document that Bild described in its article was just a training scenario with an "imaginary situation” to test the capabilities of the alliance.

The United States regularly conducts military exercises where US soldiers try to capture Moscow. Germany also wants to train its military mind about the "war with Russia” even though the last German warrior who wanted to make that happen was Adolf Hitler.

According to the head of STRATCOM, previous scenarios were completely fictitious, with non-existent countries and geography, but nowadays they prefer to use real countries and geography.

The rhetoric about Russia's impending attack on Europe has been used in history before. All the talking about the need to prepare for war with Russia emerges from the realm of the Third Reich that masterminded the attack on the USSR under the guise of the threat of such an attack from the Soviet Union.

Therefore, Russia should not simply shrug such publications off. As history shows, the Europeans are serious and practical when it comes to war preparations.

Estonia is not hiding it at all. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas told The Times that Europe had three to five years before "Russia poses a serious threat to the eastern flank of NATO countries.”

"Russia is indeed planning large-scale offensive operations in the zone of the special military operation. <…> Russia has not canceled the goals of its special operation, and we are only going to move forward. It's an open secret that the Russian Army has already recruited almost 500,000 volunteers," Andrey Klintsevich, the head of Centre for the Study of Military and Political Conflicts told MK.

The Russian Federation is not planning any mobilisation. Moreover, allegations about Russia opening another front in Europe or invading the Baltic States are "devoid of logical justification."

"Firstly, they are NATO countries. We understand that a direct armed conflict between Russia and NATO will lead to the use of nuclear weapons. If NATO suddenly wants to provoke a conflict and blockade Kaliningrad from all sides, then Russia will unblock this region militarily, of course. There will be different weapons used for this purpose, and we warned them about this,” he concluded.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov