Assassination of Zelensky and biggest battle to take place in 2024


Ukraine's attempts to break through Russia's defences and reach Crimea or at least the Sea of Azov have failed. Therefore, the West intends to postpone the general battle to 2024.

Western analysts and mass media choose a neutral and disappointed tone when they speak about Ukrainian President Zelensky. Many believe that he will be "killed" or even "executed."

According to The Guardian, NATO officials and Ukrainian generals gathered for a meeting on the border of Poland and Ukraine to discuss a new military strategy. Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny, British Chief of Defence Staff Anthony Radakin, Supreme Commander of the Allied NATO Armed Forces in Europe, US General Christopher Cavoli took part in the meeting.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine want to attract new human reserves as Kyiv intends to additionally call 200-300 thousand people for "meat grinder operations". The number of those involved in hostilities my reach 1.5 million, The Telegraph earlier said.

The West believes that Ukraine's mobilisation human resources have not been exhausted yet.

It is believed that Ukraine will obtain at least 61 F-16 fighter aircraft. This will be enough to form four squadrons, military expert, retired colonel Vladimir Popov said.

F-16 fighter jets use air-to-ground missiles without entering enemy's air defence zone. Technically, this poses a threat to Russia, taking into consideration the fact that the West will be happy to supply various long-range precision missiles to Ukraine.

"This is big luck because there are military leaders who are ready to eradicate their country to profit on blood and suffering of their people for the sake of a spectacular picture," Viktor Medvedchuk, the leader of Other Ukraine movement, said speaking about the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the president of Ukraine.

The West has invested enormous money in Zelensky's publicity, but foreign media note that the Americans understand that Zelensky needs to be replaced at least for the need to reset the suspended external management model and ease social tensions.

Deutschlandfunk radio hosts suggested Zelensky should be "executed." It turned out that the "sketch" was recorded in advance. Politico published an insider protocol of action should Zelensky be taken out of the picture.

The Zelenskys themselves also worry about the looming danger, but ex-Prime Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett told the whole world that it was President Putin who personally gave Zelensky guarantees of immunity.

If they take Zelensky out, it is not going to be the Kremlin. Pieces of information that appear in Western, but not Russia media, come as a confirmation for this. Experts believe that attempts on Zelensky's life are going to be made already this year.

The West gave guarantees to Zelensky based on expectations of Ukraine's successful counter-offensive that would bring Russia to shame on the battlefield. However, Ukraine's long-expected victory did no materialise, and Kyiv's endless arrogant demands proved to be extremely toxic.

As for a replacement for Zelensky, Western media believe that this could be:

  • Zaluzhny,
  • Budanov,
  • Arestovich,
  • Prytula,
  • Poroshenko,
  • Tymoshenko.

This is a one-sided game that the West will inevitably win no matter whom the Ukrainians vote for, Western analysts believe.

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Author`s name Alexander Shtorm
Editor Dmitry Sudakov