Russia goes on successful offensive in Kupyansk to crush Ukrainian troops

Russia's success in Kupyansk will crush Ukrainian counteroffensive completely


The offensive of the Russian Armed Forces on Kupyansk continues. The Russian forces will take the town swiftly as the Armed Forces of Ukraine have no reserves for another Bakhmut.

Russia close to taking Kupyansk. Ukraine has no energy for another Bakhmut

The Russian Armed Forces entered Sinkovka — the last frontier before Kupyansk. On August 9, Russian assault units significantly improved the tactical situation in the area of the settlements of Sinkovka, Olshany and Novoselovskoye in the Kupyansk district, retired LPR Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Marochko said.

According to him, the Russian forces advanced ten kilometres along the line of contact and three kilometres deep into Ukrainian defence lines in the Kupyansk direction.

It is important to note here that the Russian Armed Forces entered Sinkovka — the last settlement before Kupyansk from the northwest.

Whisper of the Front Telegram channel said that the that Russian soldiers entered the village from three directions. The 101st Territorial Defense Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is on retreat.

Ukrainian sources confirm Russia's offensive on Kupyansk "in three directions." The Russian forces will have to cover the distance of up to eight kilometres to reach Kupyansk from Sinkovka.

Zelensky nervous: there are no reserves

Russia is about to break through Ukrainian defences. Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a meeting with military officials, after which the head of Ukraine's ground forces, Alexander Syrsky, went to the headquarters of the group near Kupyansk. Ukrainian Telegram channel Military Analytiсs said that the area to the east of Kupyansk was currently held only by mobile mechanised brigades, whereas defence brigades had retreated.

Both Russian and Ukrainian sources report that the Russian Aerospace Forces dropped KAB-500 and KAB-250 gliding bombs on Kupyansk and the Kupyansky district. This is the harbinger of a major breakthrough.

Evacuation in Kupyansk

Explosions rock Kupyansk on a regular basis now. It was said that rockets struck the area of the crossing, the junction station of the railway, and the building of the city administration in Kupyansk.

The local administration announced evacuation of local residents.

One may thus conclude that the Russian Armed Forces are close to taking Kupyansk, for the second time. After the Russian military retreated from the city last summer, Ukrainian Nazis posted videos in which they executed civilians for their loyalty to Russia (the videos were published by Ukrainian neo-Nazi Maxim Zhorin).

Kharkiv, Ukraine's second largest city, will soon be within the reach of Russian artillery and air defence systems.

At the same time, the Ukrainian leadership is unlikely to order its troops to retreat. Kyiv will cling to Kupyansk for political reasons in the first place, similarly to Bakhmut. Ukraine was fighting for Bakhmut largely for political reasons, and those reasons caused the Ukrainian army to suffer large losses. Russia will only take advantage of the enemy's need to continue inexpedient defence of Kupyansk.

To crown it all, Russia's offensive affects the Ukrainian troops in Zaporizhzhia and Bakhmut as Kyiv has to redeploy reserves to Kupyansk. The Ukrainian offensive may thus be crushed completely.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov