Does Zelesnky fly or flee to the United States?

Zelensky goes to USA for US citizenship, bank accounts and property in Florida

Zelensky's visit to the United States is more beneficial to Joe Biden, whereas Zelensky himself is seeking personal profit from his first trip outside Ukraine since February 24. It is time for Zelensky to think about fleeing to the United States.

Officially, Zelensky is traveling to the US to ask for long-range weapons.

Volodymyr Zelensky's trip to the United States was fraught with great risks. Zelesnky arrived in Poland by train and then flew to Washington aboard a US military aircraft, CNN said with reference to US officials. American and Ukrainian officials arranged Zelensky's trip within ten days.

Last week, the Ukrainian leader received an official invitation and accepted it. The parties then started making preparations and consultations to ensure the safety of the trip. All details of the visit were finalised on December 18, CNN said.

In the United States, Volodymyr Zelensky will have a meeting with President Joe Biden at the White House on Wednesday, December 21. Afterwards, he will deliver a speech before US Congress.

Biden will announce an additional $1.8 billion in aid to Ukraine. This is a significant increase in USA's aid that includes supplies of Patriot missile systems, a US official told CNN.

Politico said that US officials had been in talks with their counterparts in Kyiv and Europe discussing the military support to Ukraine in winter. Experts told the publication that Zelensky needs longer-range weapons so he can forestall the expected Russian offensive.

The Ukrainian delegation is expected to ask for ATACMS long-range tactical missile systems, as well as Gray Eagle and Reaper drones, Politico wrote.

The New York Times said that Biden was seeking to approve an aid package worth $50 billion in Congress before the Republicans get to work in a majority on January 3rd. The leader of the Republican Party, Kevin McCarthy, said that his party would not issue "carte blanche" for Ukraine.

The 2023 US spending bill, including funding for Ukraine, is expected to be approved by Congress by the end of the week, although a final vote has yet to be scheduled. According to The New York Times, the US aid to Ukraine will exceed a total of $100 billion.

Russian political scientists say in unison that it became clear now why Zelensky needed to visit Artemovsk (aka Bakhmut) the day before.

"Zelensky needed to fly to the United States from a city that did not surrender to the Russians. He flew to Washington straight from the front to ask the Americans to strengthen military assistance to the country," political scientist Sergei Markov said on his Telegram channel.

The law prohibits Zelensky from leaving Ukraine

Zelenskiy is taking a risk because men of military age are prohibited from leaving Ukraine. He spoke to foreign leaders only by video link before.

It appears that it is Joe Biden who needs Zelensky to come to Washington to gain political image inside the US. Biden also wants to put Trumpist nationalists in an awkward position, as they would have to accuse Zelensky of corruption. Let's see if the Republicans dare to voice their point of view.

There is also a strong possibility that Zelenskiy is risking his image in Ukraine for personal reasons. He might be traveling to the United States to confirm his American citizenship, a bank account and property in Florida.

With all the money that the United States has sent him, he can afford all that, unless the Americans force him to repeat the path of Mikhail Saakashvili.

USA has no chance of success

There are smart politicians and businessmen in the United States who understand that Zelensky's days in power are numbered. Fighting the Russians for their historical territories, when the question of Russia's existence is at stake — there is no chance of success.

The share of Americans who believe that the United States should continue to support Ukraine currently amounts to about 40 percent. Most Americans believe that it is time for Ukraine to start peace talks with Russia, even if they result in Zelensky having to make concessions to Putin.

The war in Afghanistan cost America $2.3 trillion in over 20 years. Where is democracy in Afghanistan now?

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov