Russia will help Iran to take revenge on Washington for the killing of Qassem Soleimani

Iran will take revenge for Soleimani with Russia's help

If the Russian Federation, following the summit in Tehran, buys Iranian combat drones, this will take Russian-Iranian relations to a new level and change the geopolitical situation.

Iran is a valuable ally for Russia

Iran works to supply attack drones to Russia despite an official statement from the Iranian Foreign Ministry that said that Iran would not supply such weapons.

According to CNN, Russian officials considered Shahed-191 and Shahed-129 drones, which can be equipped with high-precision rockets. Iran is also ready to start training the Russian military how to handle them in late July.

This deal has all chances to materialise as Iran has no fear of any kind of Western repression: Iran has been living under sanctions for 40 years.

This makes Iran a valuable ally for the Russian Federation indeed, given that the Russians do not have special international support in the special operation in Ukraine.

Iran has long been in offensive confrontation with the Western world, building a new world order without the West.

After US President Joe Biden's attempt to fuel an Israeli-Arab front against Iran failed a week ago, the Iranian leadership felt inspired. This contributes to further actions. Tehran immediately made it clear to the United States after the pact with Israel that it had a nuclear bomb. This puts an end to Iran's return to the nuclear deal with the US.

Russia needs Iranian combat drones

Russia needs Iranian weapons, and many Russian military experts write about this.

"If Iran, under the conditions of the most severe industrial blockade, managed to establish the production of unmanned vehicles from available components, and those UAVs are successfully used to counteract modern Western electronic warfare and air defense systems, then there is no reason for us to neglect this experience,” Elder Edda Telegram channel said.

Given that Russia will deploy Iranian strike weapons in the European theater of operations against air defense systems that the United States and NATO countries supplied to Ukraine, we can say that this is an adequate response from Iran to the American missile defense system that had been deployed against it in Romania, Poland and the Czech Republic. This could also be Iran's revenge for the assassination of Qassem Soleimani.

Iran thus becomes a regional power at the level of Turkey and can count on priority in Russia-Israel and Russia-Iran relations in Syria.

What drones Russia is interested in

It is an open secret that Iran has a diverse range of drones. Shahed-129 has a wingspan of 15.2 meters, develops the speed of about 160 km per hour, can operate autonomously for 24 hours with a flight range of 1,700 km and a maximum altitude of 7.3 km. It can carry up to eight Sadid-345 precision bombs with a range of six kilometers, capable of hitting moving targets.

The Shahed 191 carries two Sadid-1 missiles, has a speed of 300 km/h, operates autonomously for 4.5 hours, has a flight range of 450 km and a payload of 50 kg. The max altitude is 7.6 km.

Both drones are invisible to radars, they are harder to detect by air defense systems, and they can complement each other in operations. They could search for and destroy mobile HIMARS missile launchers and other weapons, including Ukrainian air defense systems that the country got from the United States.

Tehran summit will change geopolitical picture of the world

It should be noted that Turkey, which, like Iran, asked to join the BRICS, also attended the summit on July 19. This suggests that Ankara continues to resist Washington's instructions to follow the anti-Russian and anti-Iranian policy.

Following Biden's visit, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan told CNN that talks were underway between Iran and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states to improve relations.

Tehran is a beneficiary of processes for the formation of the multipolar world. In this sense, President Putin's visit to Tehran on July 19 is of great importance to the Persian country, just like for Russia.

The alliance between the Russian Federation and Iran, which started as a limited alliance in Syria to fight terrorism, has grown stronger over the past seven years and acquired global scale.

Grandiose projects for the construction of a transport corridor through Iran to India, cooperation in the Caspian basin, joint work against Israeli-American influence in the Middle East — all this lies ahead.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko