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On the Kuala Lumpur conspiracy against People's Korea

Of late the Western media have waged an atrocious campaign against People's Korea which centres on an incident in Malaysia apparently on the 13th of February in which a DPRK citizen was taken ill at Kualu Lumpur airport and subsequently died . The south Korean fascist puppets were quick to spread the story that this was assassination.

By Dr. Dermot Hudson

The whole story has revolved around a whole series of unproven allegations, assertions , assumptions and guesses by certain people .

The simple facts

The simple facts are that a DPRK citizen named Kim Chol who was the holder of a DPRK diplomatic passport became ill at Kuala Lumpur airport and died . The Malaysian authorities informed the DPRK about this . They informed the DPRK that the DPRK citizen had died of a stroke or heart attack. However subsequently the DPRK was not given access to the body or the autopsy which is required under international law. Sensational and wild stories began to flow from the south Korean puppet media machine and the hacks of the capitalist media in countries such as the US, UK and other countries . The Malaysian authorities then arrested some nationals of third countries and later a DPRK citizen(who has now been released due to insufficient evidence ).  There is not a shred of evidence to link these people to the DPRK . They are not even ethnic Koreans.From where I stand the case against the DPRK is pretty threadbare and basically a cock and bull story.

One can surmise that the most likely explanation is that Kim Chol suffered a heart attack after having some kind of altercation with the two accused women at the airport. 

What is strange is that the south Korean puppet authorities somehow knew that a DPRK citizen had died in Malaysia and started spreading all kinds of false stories, rumours and conjectures about the incident such as " "death of Kim Chol was intoxication by two women secret agents sent by General Reconnaissance Bureau of north Korea" . How did the south Korean authorities know about the death of the DPRK citizen, did Malaysia inform them or was the incident actually staged by the notorious National Intelligence Service of south Korea ?. Finally , why carry out an assasination at an airport which in most countries are high security zones with armed police and occasionally troops present ?

Why choose a high security place like an airport?

   Quite absurd stories about the use of " VX Nerve gas ". However even a small amount could wipe out the whole airport not just one person. Also those who allegedly carried out the attack would have died as well. Indeed the allegation about the use of VX Nerve Gas just raises more questions than answers such as how could such a dangerous substance have been brought into the airport , where was the special container for it? Where was it stored in Malaysia ? . Not surprisingly no trace of the VX could be found at the airport , this is probably because it was not there in the first place .
  So at the end of day the story about the "assassination by the DPRK " is fake news , What lay
behind it ? Who were the key players ?
  The fake news storywas  spread by the south Korean puppets and the US imperialists , which was then spread by the reactionary Malaysian media and the imperialist news services and media outlets such as CNN, BBC, Reuters etc( the latter all being closely linked to the intelligence services) .

Firstly , it was deliberately timed to distract attention from the successful celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the birth of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL in People's Korea which were a powerful demonstration of the single-heartedly unity around the leader and Party.

Slandering and smearing

Secondly, it was to slander and smear the Supreme leadership of the DPRK. Thirdly, it was to demonise the DPRK .Fourthly , it was also to distract attention from the successful test fire of the Pukguksong-2 MLBM . Fifthly, it was done to try and present the DPRK as a "terrorist state" and slap more sanctions on the DPRK and put the DPRK back on the list of "state sponsors of terrorism ". Sixth, it was aimed at causing Malaysia to break diplomatic relations with the DPRK and encourage other countries to do so. Seventh, the most sinister aim was an attempt at regime change and destablisation of the DPRK as the south Korean puppets planned to broadcast the fake news  by loudspeakers to the DPRK. As a matter of fact in several countries the use of fake news and spreading rumours was a key part in the imperialist strategy of "colour revolution " and "regime change ".

Who had most to gain from the incident ?.It was not the DPRK . The main beneficiaries were of course the US imperialists and south Korea who opened another front in their wild and hysterical anti-DPRK campaign. For south Korea the incident provided a convenient smokescreen  to cover up the massive corruption scandals unfolding in south Korea which included the impeachment of puppet ruler Park Geun Hye and the arrest of the boss of the south Korean monopoly Jaebol Samsung. The south Korean puppet regime has also found itself in a tight corner owing to its plan to deploy THAAD which is rejected by both the south Korean people and also some regional powers that the south Korean puppets had been trying to curry favour with. The creation of a shocking incident conveniently diverts attention away from this . In the past south Korea faked up so-called shocking incidents such as the assasination attempt of Park Chung Hee, the Yangon Explosion Incident and KAL 858 incident not to mention numerous "spy ring " cases which were blamed on the DPRK. For the US and other Western imperialist powers  it is an opportunity to yet again vilify anddemonise the DPRK and also pursue a regime change strategy .

What of Malaysia's part in all of this. Supposedly a "friend " of the DPRK , it allowed itself to be drawn into the anti-DPRK campaign and refused the request of the DPRK for a joint investigation into the incident . In a lot of cases it is quite normal when a citizen of one country dies in another country for the police force of the country concerned to be able to send an investigation team to the country where the death took place. Malaysia  aided and abetted the US and south Korea in their anti-DPRK firestorm.

  When one looks at the facts it is not hard to see what happened. Malaysia may well have good relations with the DPRK but it also has good relations with the US and south Korea . Malaysia signed agreements on intelligence and counter-terrorism with the US  . In 2014 Malaysia  joined the so-called Profileration Security Initative , a US led effort directed at the DPRK and others.. Malaysia has agreed to having US bases on its soil. The US is the biggest investor in Malaysia. Malaysia is a member of US imperialist controlled bodies such as the IMF, World Bank, APEC and TPP. The US state department website says of Malaysia " Today, Malaysia is a significant regional and global partner for the United States, and the two countries share a diverse and expanding partnership in trade, investment, security, environmental cooperation, and educational and cultural relations."

  Malaysia also has a cosy relations with the south Korean puppets.The Malaysian PM visited south Korea in 2014 and met south Korean  puppet boss lady Park Geun Hye. Malaysia signed many business deals with south .In the past Malaysia was regarded by some on the Left  as a fascist comprador neo-colony because it heavily repressed the Malaysian Communist Party and fought a bitter civil war against the communists  with the backing of  US imperialism and British imperialism.

Communist parties are still illegal in Malaysia and it is highly likely that extreme anti-communist ideology permeates the minds of the Malaysian police and security services and influenced their investigation. Therefore  is not so surprising that Malaysia has become a player in the anti-DPRK conspiracy of the US and south Korea..
 We urge all those who love justice ,truth and justice reject this campaign of lies and fake news against the DPRK.

Dr Dermot Hudson, BA(Hons)
President Association for the Study of Songun Politcs UK
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
Official Delegate Korean Friendship Association UK
Chairman UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu
Member International Committee for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Doctor of Socio-Politics of the DPRK 



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