The impeachment of Trump

Donald Trump's victory in the Presidential race disassociated the plan of the neocon front, which believed the settlement of Hillary Clinton at the White House for sure. Indeed, Trump's opponents fears not only the loss of some substantial government bargaining or the abolition of some secondary political reform. They fear that the enormous effort so far accomplished to achieve a new American century based on the US supremacy across the globe can be overcome.

American neocons and their vassals

Moreover, American neocons and their vassals may eventually have to respond for all the lies, deceived for real, with which they have convinced America and the Western world of the need of the wars of conquest during the last 20 years.

Trump is therefore a deadly danger and he must be eliminated at all cost: in this light, the continuous attacks that are undergoing by certain environments, with the help of important media hostile from the very beginning, must be read.

Last in time but certainly not in the list, the request for impeachment presented by Democrat Brad Sherman.

I have reached US Senator Richard Black, Republican of Virginia, for a hot comment on this news and I re-read it to readers.

Rep. Brad Sherman, a radical Democrat, has introduced a bill to impeach President Trump.  He could only convince one fellow Democrat to do so.  The other 192 Democrats declined to take the radical step because it makes them look immature and irresponsible.

The U.S. Constitution does provide for impeachment, which is initiated in the House of Representatives.  Impeachments are for "High crimes and misdemeanors," a loosely defined term.  It is clear, however, that evidence must be produced that something improper was done.  Despite 11 months of media hysteria and the appointment of a special prosecutor, not one shred of evidence has yet been found.

This week, Donald Trump, Jr. released a string of emails involving him and a Russian attorney,  Natalia Veselnitskaya, who may have had links with the Democrat Party.  She met with Trump's son by claiming to have information from the Russian government that showed misconduct by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The emails proved to be a dirty trick to secure an audience with the president's son in order to talk about Russian restrictions on U.S. citizens adopting Russian children. It is reported that the meeting only lasted seven to twenty minutes before Trump Jr. got up and left. Nothing improper or unusual occurred.

The hysterical media coverage of unfounded Russia-Trump ties reflects the deep state's concern that President Trump may set a new course on Russian-American relations. A perception of conflict between Russia and the U.S. is necessary to justify wars with their enormously profitable arms sales.  It also props up NATO aggression against Russia over inconsequential local disputes between Russia and the Ukraine.

Because of the enormous threat Trump poses to the forces backing world conflict, we can expect a number of similar stunts aimed at distracting President Trump from mending relations and seeking a new era of world peace.


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey