Bolivia mon amour

Bolivia is a country of Latin America with a troubled history since her independence from Spain in 1825 to the present day. Extended just over one million square kilometers with a population of about ten million souls, so we can say that she is not very populated compared to other nations, such as... Italy. Italy, in fact, extends just over three hundred thousand square kilometers, but is home to sixty million people, alien more alien less.

Italy, happy home of four different types of mafias with which the Italian governments have never really found shameful to relate, in the charming Taormina will host the next G-7 Summit in May, which has every appearance of being a meeting of a very close family as they were excluding Russia and China. In particular, the Italian Prime Minister, Mr. Paolo Gentiloni (whose past in the Italian extreme "revolutionary" left has been forgotten by magic unlikely his belonging to a family of the ancient Italian nobility, that of Gentiloni Silveri or  Silverj) Mr Gentiloni, I said, was keen to let people know that the legitimate Russian President Vladimir Putin was not invited.

In short, Putin is not on the list because he persists in his anti-democratic, anti-liberal, anti-liberal and pro-Assad behavior. That is, the opposite of everything in wihich the West, civilized, believes.

The President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, was in Moscow for a one-shot visit, April 10th and met with Putin but the result was negligible, beyond the formal courtesy: Mattarella has always been carefully considered some of the typical characteristics of the Italian Christian Democrats, first and foremost that they themselves have always called "caution" and the visit, prior to that of the American Tillerson, has resulted in the nothing that was predictable. Maybe he pleaded Putin of avoiding us some nukes on the head, but also insisted on the responsibility of Assad chemical in the attack near Homs. A blow to the rim and one to the barrel, as always have done all the good Italian Christian Democrats? Only time will tell us, maybe.

Bolivia instead will not host any G-7 summit in the near future and her president is not flown to Moscow to do what you don't know well. However, Bolivian's ambassador to US did an extraordinary thing: during the discussion about Syrians deads killed with poison gas, Mr. Sacha Llorenti showed the assembly the picture of Colin Powell when, in the same assembly, the former American Secretary of State brayed about Saddam Hussain's chemical weapons and about the absolute need to attack Iraq to stop this threat. Remember Powel and the test tube with anthrax? Apparently Bolivians remember it well and also they reminded it to the rest of the world

Just to remind us some other things, the tube with anthrax belongs to the same story of the atomic bombs of Saddam, made inside trucks always running to escape the UN inspectors: a cosmic size lie that in those days many people preferred to believe.

On the internet there are many videos of Mr. Llorenti's speech and who wants can see them, at least until they are removed

The speech of the Bolivian ambassador has not had the attention and respect it deserved: the mainstream media, even in the Democratic Italy of the four Italian mafias, have ignored censoring it or reserving to it few lines soon forget.

Bolivia, however, has given to the world and therefore also to Italy, a lesson of dignity and decorum as you will rarely see. Bolivia has had her back straight while Italy continues, to the contrary, alas unperturbed, to behave like a crawling bitch, indifferent to the loss of her own sovereignty and honor.

Tillerson was in Moscow, someone says to bring an ultimatum to Putin: let go Assad or it will be worse for you. But why Russia should betray her ally right now? She could do it before and focus on other fronts. 2013, with its infamous attack near Damascus made with real nerve gas, was a golden opportunity for such a betrayal. On that occasion, the Russian fleet has instead sided with Syria. Do you remember a John Kerry scared to death reeling and looking around for a solution that would avoid a confrontation? Fortunately for him and us, at the end an agreement has come and Syria gave up  her chemical weapons, under the aegis of the usual UN.

So why Assad would have to use poison gas against his enemies now, at a time when the Syrian army is winning on all fronts? In a time when he has all the eyes of the world watching at him? There is no reason at all: the military result was void because the only bodies seen in the West are those of children and old men, now shown to the whole world.

In 2013 it was discovered immediately that the attack had been made by the "rebels" (read: by crazed terrorists, murderers and psychopaths) using a grenade loaded with sarin coming from the arsenals plundered in Libya and passed to jihadists by their Turkish pimps. That is, by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Such a precedent, as well as the daily behavior of the jihadists in Raqqa, Palmyra, Aleppo and in all other areas in which they arrived and still reign, such a precedent would have to take caution in accusing Damascus. But no. The sudden response of the Americans was a condemnation without appeal and 59 Tomahawks on the air base from which would be taken off the planes responsible for the massacre. Pure madness.

And yet something is not right, but what exactly? 59 missiles fired but only 23 to target. There are 36 missiles missing the rollcall. The Shayrat air base has suffered little damage and returned operational almost immediately, the flights of the fighters have resumed after a few hours, the wartime activities were never interrupted. But the Russian and Syrian air defenses didn't shoot: perhaps was used some kind of electronic countermeasure? We can not know, at least for now.

However, I wonder if Donald Trump, whose election I had rejoiced, has really changed his mind about Syria and the relations with Moscow. I wonder if he sacrificed his foreign policy ideas exclusively for the benefit of those in domestic politics by finding an agreement with whoever opposes him and in particular with the American deep state which is an integral and precise emanation of the military industrial complex against whose disproportionate growth general Eisenhower had once warned the American nation. If this is the case, if Trump really has been persuaded that Assad is THE EVIL and that the Russians will withdraw from Syria if put really under pressure, then we are on the brink of the abyss.

Tillerson in Moscow asks the surrender of Russia in Syria, a surrender which can only be unconditional because Americans have always reneged on their word. Indeed, how can you trust a people of liars, prey of a perpetual state of messianic self-aggrandizement? It's impossible reach any substantial agreement under these conditions.

So, these could be the last days for the human race.

In the tragedy of these events, a note that gives a good idea of the type of people with whom the Russians (but not only them) have to do. The White House spokesman, Ben Spicer, during a press conference a few days ago, let slip that not even Hitler came to use chemical weapons as Assad. Yes, of course, Mr. Spicer later apologized for this gaffe but someone the same might, even, see a kind of .... Freudian lapse. Ironically speaking, of course.





Costantino Ceoldo - Pravda freelance




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Author`s name Costantino Ceoldo