Donald Trump's plans: Deal with Russia, down with EU

A spokesman for US President Sean Spicer said that Donald Trump aims to have a "deal" with Russia to combat terrorism and solve a number of economic issues.

Spicer explained that Trump would try to make a deal with Russia, even though several previous US administrations failed to do it.

"If he can get a deal with Russia, he'll try to do it. He understands if he can find common ground on fighting ISIS, growing the economy, he'll try. If it's in the interest of the United States, he'll get a deal," Spicer said.

He also added that if Russia and the USA could find common ground to destroy ISIL (banned in Russia), to struggle against terrorism and achieve economic growth, the US administration would do so.

Meanwhile, US President Advisor Stephen Bannon delivered a "hostile" signal from the White House to the European Union during a "secret" meeting with the German ambassador to the United States. According to Reuters, the negotiations had been allegedly held prior to Vice President Mike Pence's visit to Brussels.

Stephen Bannon had a meeting with German Ambassador Peter Wittig to the US and announced a new "hostile" course of the US government towards the European Union, Reuters said citing sources familiar with the content of the talks. During the meeting, Bannon allegedly called the European Union a "flawed structure."

The meeting, according to the agency, took place a week before US Vice-President Mike Pence made his first visit to Europe, where he met with EU leaders and assured them that the United States remains a "true friend" of the EU. In turn, Pence said the United States and the European Union share common heritage, common values ​​and a common goal for strengthening peace.

Tellingly, Mike Pence paid a visit to the EU amid concerns of European leaders about appeals from US President Donald Trump to withdraw from the association. Germany did not give any comments on the subject, citing the confidentiality of the negotiations.

In turn, a White House spokesperson said that the conversation lasted no more than three minutes, and the parties only had time to exchange greetings.

Noteworthy, Donald Trump said during a news conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May on January 27 that Britain's intention to pull out from the EU was "wonderful." During his election campaign, Trump also criticized USA's NATO allies and called the alliance an "obsolete organization."

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov