Parliament of Moldova Ratifies 'Revolutionary' Agreement on Trans-CIS Power Transit - 7 October, 2002

Just before the CIS summit began in Chisinau, the parliament of Moldova ratified the agreement concerning trans-CIS transit of electricity. According to the parliament of Moldova, CIS member states undertake to assist each other in case of power failures and other contingencies and to use every bit of power available to the commonwealth to maintain uninterrupted flow of electricity. Until now, Moldova remained the only CIS member that had not ratified the agreement.

Moldavian nationalists sternly objected the ratification of the agreement on trans-CIS power transit, saying it would make Moldova 'a slave of Moscow'.

In the meantime, the observers the European Union sent to Moldavian capital for the summit believe the ratification of the power agreement is 'a revolutionary step' on the way to mutual understanding between the CIS member states.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin