Nuclear summit in US: Simulation game with shady agenda

Washington hosts summit on nuclear security on 31, March. About 50 countries are going to take part in it, however, Russia refused to participate in the forum.

As official Kremlin claimed, refusal of the Russian President is motivated by a "deficit of cooperation" while considering issues, which are to be raised at this international event. On the whole, such a decision of the Russian government may be substantiated with three global reasons, Vladimir Kozin, Chief Adviser at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Professor at the Russian Academy of Military Sciences, Member of the Scientific Board at the National Institute for Global Security Research told Pravda.Ru.

First of all, the agenda itself raises doubts: questions of nuclear security will not be discussed there in full.

Secondly, Russia was not attached to preparation of the final documents, which are to be adopted at the meeting.

Thirdly, the US keeps evading discussion of really urgent issues, which relate to nuclear agenda and nuclear security.

The Americans are the only nation in the world, that deploy tactical nuclear weapon abroad, in the territories of four European countries and Asian part of Turkey, as well as advance it as close as possible to Russia. At the same time, no country in the world act this way towards the US.

The US is also a state, that still adheres to the strategy of delivering a first nuclear strike. Its allies, Great Britain and France act in tune.

Russia though advocates a concept of non-use of nuclear weapons, but hasn't managed to call the US to discussion at least of this matter so far.

Taking into account this nuclear policy of the US, all their statements that Vladimir Putin poses a threat to the world with nuclear weapon seem inappropriate. And Poroshenko's intention to "expose" Russia in Washington show his incompetence.

The Americans possess cruise missiles with nuclear warheads. Vladimir Kozin also advised the Ukrainian President and his Western colleagues to scrutinize the fact that the US anti-missile launchers, which are to be put into operation in Poland and Romania in the nearest future, may be equipped with offensive nuclear weapons, including the cruise missiles. And that is while the Americans ensure that this complexes are purely defensive.

What about Russian nuclear weapon, we deploy it nowhere, but within borders of our territory. And it's our personal sovereign right, Vladimir Kozin reminded.

Thus, Obama should also recollect that his state has been using nuclear aircraft along with the allies over Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia for 12 years.


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