Obama shamelessly twists other countries' arms

The US president, who is referred to as a "narcissist" in world media, has made yet another scandalous statement. According to Barack Obama, the United States has an exclusive right to command the world. The man, who won the Nobel Peace Prize despite interventions and killings in other countries, stated that the USA occasionally has to "twist the arms of countries that wouldn't do what we need them to do." As for Syria and Iraq, experts say that the Americans wage wars in these countries for oil.

Moreover, US President Barack Obama admitted that America obtained its current leadership and hegemony in the world owing to its army. At the same time, Obama continues to criticize Russia for strengthening its armed forces, saying that the power of a country is based on knowledge, skills, influence, exports of goods, invention of new products and so on. Now it just so happens that America's supremacy is all about its army.

"We've got to have the strongest military in the world, and we occasionally have to twist the arms of countries that wouldn't do what we need them to do if it weren't for the various economic or diplomatic or, in some cases, military leverage that we had," Obama said proudly in an interview with Vox.

Thus, Obama has admitted that a powerful (who would argue!) army is the main instrument of the United States. The above-mentioned quote also means that America interferes in internal affairs of other countries, and often does so by force. This was the case of Iraq that had been bombed into dust, and that was also the case of Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and even Europe, which the United States uses to appease itself.

This is just great! What straightforward and open-minded remarks one can hear after the soul has been sold!

AlterNet experts analyzed the official data from the Pentagon and the US State Department to publish a sensational report. They found that US special forces have been deployed in 70 percent of countries in the world. It is hard to recollect the exact number of interventions that the USA has conducted during the recent 50 years.

To crown it all beautifully, Obama could not help but say the following: "But the overall trajectory, the overall goal, is a world in which America continues to lead, that we're pushing in the direction of more security, more international norms and rules, more human rights, more free speech, less religious intolerance...America, I'm pretty certain, is going to be the indispensable nation for the remainder of this century just like it was the last one."

Curtain falls.

Leading experts, diplomats, academics and politicians have concluded: it is the United States of America that is pushing the world towards WWIII. Even Mikhail Gorbachev, a favorite of the West, said that the world was standing on the brink of a thermonuclear war because of the unprecedented attack on Russia, Politonline said.

Yet, Obama, despite Europe's opposition, is ready to give weapons of war to Ukraine. He requested a right from the Congress to unlimited war and admitted a suicidal war. This man, whose rating has long been friends with the floor, holds the US nuclear arsenal in his hands, even though he is frequently referred to as "America's worst president."

"Under the condition of the domination of one country and its satellites, the search for "global solutions" often turns into a desire to impose one's own recipes as universal. The ambition of this group has grown so much that the approaches that they develop were touted as the opinion of the world community. But it is not like that," Vladimir Putin said earlier, commenting on Obama's statements about the exceptionalism of the United States. Putin also rejected the idea that "the widespread US interference in all affairs of the world" was positive. According to Putin, the US aims to obtain the "right for sole leadership, if you want - the right to dictate." Moreover, Putin stressed out, America questions the legitimacy of the governments of other countries depending on their loyalty to Washington."

Even the father of Reaganomics, former editor of The Wall Street Journal and Business Week, Paul Craig Roberts, concluded that the US finally became the "enemy of Russia and the Russians." The Financial Times, a leading publication, acknowledged that the West no longer perceives the United States as the sole superpower. According to experts, the democratic image of the United States has been significantly eroded during the recent years."

The Exceptional United States of America should keep in mind the following fact. US-based think tank Cato Institute said that most of global security problems arise due to excessive military presence of the United States in other countries. To crown it all, opinion polls conducted by the BBC and GlobeScan in 2014 showed that the majority of people living on planet Earth think of the USA as the "biggest threat to the world."

What do the countries that still respect themselves, if there are any, think of Obama's recent statements about America's leadership in the world? Are there any?

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov