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Israel reports downing a drone

The Israeli regime announced Thursday the downing of a drone that supposedly belongs to the Islamic Resistance Movement in Lebanon (Hezbollah), near the port city of Haifa, in occupied Palestinian territory.

As reported by the Israeli regime's army, the drone was detected in the skies of Lebanon and intercepted by an F-16, nearly nine miles from the west coast of the occupied city of Haifa.

A helicopter the prime minister of Israel's regime, Benyamin Netanyahu, was on board was forced to land by the entrance of the drone, intercepted at 14H00 (11H00 GMT).

In a statement, Netanyahu described the incident as an "extremely serious act.".

According to reports, the Israeli regime's army is looking for the wreckage in the sea.

"This is the second time a drone is intercepted in Israeli airspace in seven months," says an Army spokesman of the Tel Aviv regime.

In October 2012, another Hezbollah drone flew deep into the airspace in the occupied Palestinian territories before being shot down by the Israelis.

As revealed at the time in the international media, the drone sent by Hezbollah to Occupied Palestinian Territories transmitted live images of secret military bases of the Israeli regime.

According to experts in matters of a geopolitical nature, the incident demonstrated the inability of the Israeli regime's army to respond to lightning attacks, despite performing numerous practice maneuvers.

Military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner told reporters the drone had been identified moving down the Lebanese coast before reaching Israeli airspace.

"Aircraft, helicopters and combat airplanes were alerted to the area and after confirmation that it was an unfriendly aircraft, they were approved to shoot it down."

But despite widespread reports blaming Hezbollah, Lerner was cautious, saying the incident was still being investigated.

"We don't know where the aircraft was coming from and where it was actually going," he said, adding that the navy was "searching for the remains of the UAV" as part of the probe.

The the war against Lebanon, Hezbollah demonstrated an advanced level of intelligence regarding Israeli military installations, confining their attacks to such installations while Israel mercilessly pounded on the Lebanese civilian population. 

Israel was forced to admit they were ill prepared for the high level of trainiing and discipline, as well as intelligence capability, exhibited by the group.

Hezbollah's television channel Al-Manar said on Thursday the group "denies sending any unmanned drone towards occupied Palestine," without elaborating.

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