US to mend fences with Russia

US to mend fences with Russia

Jack Matlock the former US Ambassador to the USSR called on the USA to promptly mend fences with Russia for the sake of all the nations in the world. The statement was made in the American Congress at the meeting dedicated to Russia named 'US policy towards Putin's Russia'.

First of all, Matlock criticized policy of the president Barack Obama for having deteriorated nuclear cooperation with Russia for the latest years and now it almost doesn't exist.

He reminded that one of the key elements of the end of Cold War during Soviet times was agreement on cease of nuclear arms race. He also cited Ronald Reagan saying that nuclear war cannot be won and should never be waged.

He also accused the US of hypocrisy and claimed that their behaviour at the world stage deprives them of right to criticize Russia for situation with Ukraine, and moreover, threaten it.

Jack Matlock explained his statements, saying that the US is interested in territorial integrity only when it serves its interests. When it is convenient, they ignore it as it was with Kosovo, South Sudan and many others.

Jack Matlock also pointed out that disorder in Ukraine was generated not because of Russian intrusion, but because of its history, geographical position and economic relations. And despite the US politics, Ukraine cannot be a prosperous country without friendly relations with Russia.


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