US may face military coup

US may face military coup

The Los Angeles Times published a provocative article written by an American journalist and conservative James Kirchik. It is said that the US will face a military coup, in case Donald Trump becomes President.

Kirchik wrote that the Americans should take a close look at the failed coup attempt in Turkey. He believes in case Trump orders the military to do something 'illegal and irrational', they will have to revolt choosing between obeying the law and serving the authority.

This release seems to be out of line even under traditionally aggressive pre-election rhetoric. Despite Kirchik's opinion, vast majority of the Republicans in the US are sure that namely Hillary Clinton demonstrates law disregard. It can be constantly heard at the Republicans National Convention in Cleveland.

But Kirchik has his own preferences: he is sure that namely Clinton may be entrusted with 'nuclear codes'. What about Trump, as he concluded, 'voters must stop him before the military has to'.