US approves Tureky's bombing of the Kurds

US approves Tureky's bombing of the Kurds

The United States supported Turkey's bombing of the Kurds. After Turkey started bombing the positions of the "Islamic state" and the PKK, Washington said that Turkey had a right to struggle against terrorists.

Ahmed Yarlykapov, senior officer of the Center for Caucasus and Regional Security at MGIMO

"Was it the United States that supported Turkey or was it Turkey that supported the efforts of the United States in the struggle against the Islamic state?

The permission to use Incirlik base shall be considered as Turkey's step toward the United States, rather than vice versa. "

Turkey will not send ground troops to Syria, but the country is trying to attack  the Islamic State from the air in cooperation with the United States. How effective could ground operation be?

"This is a network structure that can easily do without profoundly controlled territories. This is a very complicated situation for Turkey, the United States and for Russia as well, because the Islamic State has come to Russia too."

Many Russians fly to Turkey for summer holidays. Is there a chance to get into the danger zone?

"The state of affairs at Turkish resorts is quiet, but Turkey has found itself in  vulnerable position, because its neutrality is over with, and ISIS militants are very concerned about Turkey's decision to cooperate with the US. This creates a terrorist threat situation in Turkey. It is especially dangerous to visit such popular tourist destinations as Istanbul."


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov