Are US-made Kalashnikovs any good?

"They are not just Russian anymore," a headline on CNN Money said about a new US-made Kalashnikov rifle. Indeed, newly-made Kalashnikovs will have "Made in USA" label on them. They will try to compete with the Russian rifle. One can find the list of stores that sell Kalashnikovs along with a catalog of new models of the legendary weapon.

The Americans used state-of-the-art technology for the new product. The makers of the US Kalashnikov do not distance themselves from the country that created the original rifle, although their slogan: "Russian heritage, American innovation" sounds a bit strange in the current political realities. The company Kalashnikov USA was the official importer and distributor of Russia's Kalashnikov concern, but after the introduction of sanctions, the existence of the company was put into question. As a result, the American company launched the production of its own automatic rifle.

However, the official website of the American company does not say anything about entrance to the world market. The new models of the weapon are made especially for American people - for sports shooters, hunters and defenders of their family and country.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov