USA to deploy missile defense system in Ukraine?

USA to deploy missile defense system in Ukraine?

Oleksandr Turchynov, the Secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council claimed that Kiev intends to hold consultations to place missile defence systems in the territory of Ukraine. According to him, it will be made "to ensure security against nuclear threats" from Russia. "Not to allow a nuclear war is a joint responsibility of all the people of good will to the planet."

According to the National Security and Defence Council, "the nuclear war" will come from the Crimea. Turchynov claimed that upon the information he received, "the Russian Federation intends to deploy in Crimea a regiment of bombers TU-22M3, equipped to carry missiles with nuclear warheads, as well as three divisions of operational-tactical missile complexes «Iskander-K» and «Iskander-M», which will also be equipped with missiles with nuclear warheads. Besides, Russia plans to complete the deployment of a powerful submarine fleet base. The submarines will be equipped with a system of missiles that will also have warheads capable to hit ground targets at a distance of 1,500-2,000 km.

Also Turchynov warned the whole Europe. According to him, "the nuclear weapons in the Crimea will be directed against the EU first of all." Besides, Turkey is also under threat.

Turchynov also accused Russia not only of "territory annexation", but also of seizing "the Ukrainian property: planes, ships and munition." As he said, "that is not only a military aggression, but common piracy and marauding."

In response to the Moscow actions, Turchynov suggested Europe and the US to "prevent Russian warships to pass through the Bosphorus and disable the financial system of Russia from SWIFT in addition to sanctions."

Turchynov finished his interview in the manner of all the present-day Ukrainian politicians. He claimed, that "today Ukraine plays an extremely important history role in the global policy. We are actually an outpost of the civilized world that withstands attempts to replace the Evil Empire and its attack against the whole democratic world."


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov