Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Man survives after bullet crosses his brain twice

Alexander Polygalov, 20, from the Russian city of Yekaterinburg survived by a miracle after a bullet pierced his brain twice and stuck in his skull. The bullet went into the man’s nape of the neck, ricocheted against the frontal bone and stuck in the same sector of the skull where it entered the head. The incident occurred when the young man was driving his car to his out-of-town cottage together with friends.

Alexander’s car was already reaching the place when an off-road car with tinted windows suddenly appeared from behind the corner. When the car was already close,  someone from the SUV fired at Alexander’s car point-blank. Alexander says that he then felt a sharp pain behind the ear and immediately lost consciousness. His friends took him to a hospital of the city. It was a real surprise for the man when doctors told him that he had underwent an operation because of the bullet that stuck in his head.

Neurosurgeons who operated the young man say they have never seen such injuries before: the bullet pierced the head behind the right ear and crossed the brain again the same trajectory after it ricocheted against the frontal bone. They saw the bullet protruding from the head. The doctors joke that Alexander’s head must be made of cast iron if it proves to be so strong. Tomography photos revealed that the bullet crossed the brain twice.

The bullet caused serious damages to the parietal bone, a grave cerebral contusion and partial cerebellum crushing. Doctors had no time to hesitate and rushed to perform an operation. The neurosurgeons conducted the operation for four hours. They managed to extract the bullet from the head thanks to trepanation of the skull. For the time being the young man is recovering from the injury.

Tvoi Den

Translated by Maria Gousseva