Mobile ring tone reveals your character

It is incredible but experts say that your mobile ring tone and the manner of speaking over the phone can tell everything about your character and habits.

What is your mobile ring tone? A touching cartoon song, a strong guitar chord or the jungle sounds? Psychologists state that the type of a mobile ring tone is an essential part of our image that we choose rather carefully. It is highly likely that choosing a ring tone we unconsciously demonstrate our taste, our attitude to ourselves and other people, and also reveal a part of our inmost inner world to the public.

The opportunity to choose an individual mobile ring tone for every particular calling party is said to be wonderful psychotherapy. Indeed, it is some kind of a personal revenge to set a pig’s grunt as a ring tone for mobile calls from your boss.

So, this is how a mobile ring tone can reveal your character. In case your mobile phone sounds some classical song or a fragment from operas or ballets this demonstrates your excessive sense of proportion and the love for harmony. Judging by such mobile ring tones one can suggest that you are a person who always does everything the way it must be done, and everything goes quite normally with you. But when gripped with apathy you immediately plunge in self-analysis. However, you wonderfully manage to cope with depressions as you stick to the rule that one must always sleep on one’s problems to find a good solution to them next morning. A classical mobile ring tone does not at all mean that the phone owner is somehow connected with classical music or the sphere of art in general.

If your mobile phone sounds loud low frequencies, guitar melodies or a standard telephone trill this reveals you as a person loving reliability and accuracy. You as a rule seek peace and balance. You do not like others consider you as lacking self-control and carefully conceal drops of your spirits. It happens that from time to time you treat others as more stupid than you are.

Funny phrases from cartoons, slogans, epatage songs or animal sounds characterize you as an eccentric and whimsical person. You seem to dislike the characteristic but never protest against it. Your favorite manner is to behave in a demonstrative way. You are a maximalist in your likes. Often your likes and tastes are shocking as they absolutely disagree with your status and profession. You explain this contradiction with your dislike of the mainstream. But sometimes you realize perfectly well that you go too far with the show off.

Classical foreign rock music of your mobile ring tone (like The Doors, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc.) shows that you like the large scale and may slightly ignore the common norm. However, you basically do not welcome offence. You always like to conform to the rules. And this type of a ring tone indicates you are a music lover.

A melody from a popular film sounding in your mobile phone is the most striking thing in you as others know that you are rather predictable. In a word, this mobile ring tone reveals that you like to produce both gorgeous and third rate impressions and enjoy the result of it.

Popular rock songs in a mobile phone (like Moby, Tokio Hotel, Mika) shows that its owner likes brand new things and tendencies. His hobby is to keep an eye on all new achievements of the time. Such a person is seldom bored as he easily finds amusement for himself. Songs of the Romantic Collection or something of the 1980s Disco sounding in your phone demonstrate you as a conservative sentimental person loving comfort. It may seem that you would love to enjoy a lazy way of living in the family circle somewhere out of town. But it is your mistake to think so. In fact, you feel some sort of a depression when far from civilization.

Modern popular songs that you set as a mobile ring tone show your penchant for gaudy and outstanding things. You lose control when see such things and immediately want to have them. You are an impulsive person who in an instant gets enthusiastic about something but also quickly grows cool toward it.

The manner of speaking over the phone may also tell something about you. If a person takes his mobile phone in the right hand and brings it to the right ear this reveals him as a sincere, trusting and communicative person. A man who stands up when picking up his phone and speaks over the phone standing is straightforward, resolute and can get absolutely concentrated on the goals outlined. A man who presses the phone to his shoulder thus leaving the hands free is probably disposed to osteochondrosis; he also quickly sets his priorities. A phone receiver held in the right hand but pressed to the left ear shows a speaker as a diffident person with low self-appraisal. When you see a person speaking over the phone embrace the head with his free arm this is a man who feels in absolute harmony with himself and the rest of the world.

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Alex Naumov