Naomi Campbell deeply disappointed with her visit to Moscow

The fashion superstar suffered from unbearable backache and could not afford any diamonds

Supermodel Naomi Campbell came to Moscow without any preliminary announcements, hoping that Russians would rush to see her and obtain an autograph from one of the world's most famous fashion stars. However, Naomi was very disappointed when people didn't even pay any attention to her, when the model was walking along Moscow streets. It probably happened because of Naomi's looks: it seemed that a tall black woman wearing a big hat and sunglasses with a hand on her back had nothing in common with the fabulous lady that can grace any catwalk at any fashion show. Naomi Campbell

When in Moscow, Naomi suffered from severe backache. It was probably too cold for the supermodel in Russia's capital, although the pain was more likely caused because of the professional disease of a fashion model. Supermodels who spend most of their time on high heels with their spine straightened out often suffer problems with spinal cord or legs. Trying her best not to shed a tear, Naomi Campbell asked for massage. After the massage she felt much better. She even visited one of Moscow restaurants where she enjoyed black caviar, vodka and pickled cucumbers.

The following day the queen of podium decided to go sightseeing and began with the Kremlin. However, Federal Security Service agents stopped her black Audi the near Kremlin walls. Russian-speaking Naomi's bodyguard called the federals to look more attentively at his client. One of the officers wondered in the woman in the car was Michael Jackson's sister. When Naomi heard the name of Michael Jackson she asked the bodyguard what the men were saying. The bodyguard felt uneasy and decided not to upset the star. He found a way out and said that Michael Jackson had also visited the Kremlin when he visited Moscow. Jackson, the bodyguard was continuing his lies, was not allowed to drive in the Kremlin neither, and the king of pop had to continue his tour of the Kremlin afoot. 

These innocent lies calmed down the "black panther". She left her car and made her way to the Diamond Fund. There she got upset completely: the diamonds exhibited there were much larger and more glamorous than her own. Having heard that there was nothing for sale there she moved sadly towards the exit. Suddenly Naomi felt sharp pain in her spine again and asked to be driven back to the hotel. Naomi made no more cultural visits, but took books about the Kremlin diamonds along.

As for Naomi Campbell's private life, it has been rumored that the model secretly dated pop star Robbie Williams for almost a year, even though at that time the fashion star was officially involved with racing mogul Falvio Briatore. The rumor was confirmed by Campbell's former personal assistant Rebecca White, who claimed she had caught her and Robbie cuddling and kissing. "When Robbie was on the road in 2001, Naomi would have me track him down to various hotels and send flowers with the message, 'Thinking of you,' said she.

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Author`s name Olga Savka