Hot brunette from Siberia wins the crown of Russia's Beauty for her high IQ

New Russian beauty queen studies psychology and runs restaurant business

The other day, Russian beauty Yulia Ivanova, 22, from the city of Novosibirsk (Siberia) won the title of Russia's Beauty. In addition to the title, the hot brunette also gets jewellery, an apartment in Moscow and public recognition as a prize. In the nearest future, the Russian beauty will take part in Miss World 2005 beauty contest.

Thirty-eight girls from various parts of Russia were struggling for the Russia's beauty title: the youngest girl from the city of Seversk aged 14 and the oldest girl from Magnitogorsk was 25 years old. However, girls under 18 are not allowed for participation in an international beauty pageant, that is why the 14-year-old contender would hardly win the contest. Miss Russia's Beauty, Yulia Ivanova

Contenders came from their native places to Moscow two weeks before the contest and were settled in a luxurious housing estate. There, the girls were instructed what and how they must do during the contest, and the jury had a chance to examine the beauties closely and even without makeup. So, the jury already had its opinion of the girls long before the contest.

The beauties were wonderfully fed like prize turkeys, but some of them still managed to loose weight because of being too nervous on the eve of the contest. It took the girls days and nights to rehearse their defiles for the contest. When they had free time the girls managed to take part in different public activities, like visiting an orphanage or making a presentation at an automobile center.

Organizers of the contest state that every year contenders get cleverer. This year, 90 percent of the girls who came to the contest perfectly speak at least one and even several foreign languages, some of the girls study at three higher education institutions at once and reveal wonderful creative talents. The organizers even added one more competition for the girls to demonstrate their dancing skills.

The jury of the contest consisted of established professionals, actors, choreographers, figures representing the fashion industry. Hockey star  Pavel Bure was among the judges too.

Even though the male audience was impatiently looking forward to the  bikini part of the show, they were disappointed when the girls demonstrated absolutely unrevealing swim suits resembling those ones that Soviet ladies used to wear on Black Sea resorts before perestroika. The puritan swim suits were smoothed over with long slender legs of the girls.

The audience of the contest unanimously chose contestant Yulia Ivanova from Novosibirsk to win Russia's Beauty title. Within the next year, the girl will retain the Russia's beauty crown with gems. Yulia Ivanova (84-61-90, 175 cm) is a student of the Novosibirsk Pedagogic University. She also works at a modeling agency as a style instructor. Before the new Russian beauty queen left for the native city for several days, she gave a brief interview to journalists.

When Yulia was asked how she managed to remain calm during the contest as if she was sure she would win, the girl confessed that it was too hard for her to hold back tears, but she was doing her best to smile.

It was Yulia's second attempt to win the title of Russia's beauty. Last year, the girl won the title of Miss Charming. “This time, I definitely decided to win. But I was slightly discouraged when saw the girls, all of them fantastically beautiful, tall, slender and talented,” Yulia says.

It is not obligatory to be a fashion model to take part in the contest. As for Yulia, she decided she would not fatigue herself with diets thus spoiling her health, hair and skin. In addition to her University studies, Yulia also runs her small restaurant business which she opened with the assistance of her boyfriend Alexander. Yulia says she met her young man two years ago; Alexander is a mature and earnest man. The girl can always rely upon his assistance. Yulia says she is not allowed to get married within a year after the contest which is stipulated with the terms of the contest. But the girl does not want to get married because she wants to become independent, finish studies and achieve success in her business. Russia's Beauty optimistically says that she will achieve great success. 

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Author`s name Olga Savka