Erotic dreams may easily turn straight into gay

It is an open secret that everybody has erotic dreams. As it turns out, erotic dreams have a beneficial effect on one’s health. Researchers still argue about the mechanism of erotic dreams.

The body of a sleeping person can display the signs of sexual arousal several times in a night’s sleep. Those signs include the swelling of the clitoris and erections.

As a rule, individuals whose sex life has hit rock bottom tend to dream about having sex. According to several studies, nocturnal orgasms commonly occur in men in their twenties and women pushing fifty. The people in the above age groups are thought to be the least satisfied in terms of sex.

All and all, the erotic dreams are not by any means considered a deviation for a person of any age. There are several types of the erotic dreams.

“Apparent” dreams

The “apparent” dreams are directly related to the realization of a person’s inner desires. In case you want to make love to somebody but you are either unable or afraid to do so for some reason, your fears will take shape in your dreams. A person starts having frequent dreams about sex if he or she has not been engaged in sexual activities for a long time. Those dreams indicate a severe sexual strain. A person may have dreams about sexual practices he or she finds improper or unacceptable. However, those opposed to oral sex or group sex are believed to be subconsciously craving to experience such forms of sexual activities. Persons who went through sexual abuse in their childhood years often have dreams about BDSM.

“Symbolic” dreams

Some persons develop certain sexual complexes stemming from the way their parents raise them. The prudish parents instill a sense of indecency and filth in their children when it comes to sex. The offspring are unlikely to have “apparent” sexual dreams resembling hardcore porn movies.

Their repressed sexual fantasies are “codified” by the brain and thus transformed into symbols. The sexual symbols manifest themselves through a variety of phallic objects e.g. banana, carrot or cucumber. They can be also represented by the visualization of joyrides in a car, train, and airplane. A person may as well have dreams about climbing up and down the ladder.

“Anomalous” dreams

In actuality, an “anomalous” dream is pretty innocuous. The point is that many people, especially women, appear to be under the impression that there is a lack of affection and care in their lives. Such women may dream about having sex with women who happen to be their mothers at times. Likewise, men may dream about having sex with other men. Those dreams are not by any means indicate some kind of deviation provided that they do not become recurrent. Sometimes women turn into men and develop huge male genitals in their dreams – a pretty horrifying experience to ponder in the morning. Such dreams are usually associated with a certain kind of envy felt by women with regard to men. The women whose dreams feature the above transformations envy men for their power and strength. As a rule, the women who fall under the category tend to imitate men in terms of life styles and habits.

There is no point in trying to interpret our sexual dreams and fantasies verbatim. Our intimate fantasies belong to the subconscious. A woman who dates a string of men may dream about a vivid lesbian scene with some “hot babe” rubbing her off to the utmost pleasure. An old-fashioned heterosexual man may dream about taking part in an outrageous gay orgy. In either case, the dreams should not be interpreted as signs of the sexual “transformation.”

The advocates of the Freud teachings claim that dreams featuring homosexual activities are not by any means related to homosexuality. Homosexual fantasies indicate hypersexuality; they send a clear signal that sex is the dreamer’s biggest concern and top priority when it comes to building relationship.

Speaking of the beneficial effects attributed to erotic dreams, we should mention the recent findings on the subject. According to a study, erotic dreams can help fight depression.

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov