Eight ways to banish thoughts about sex

Some homespun psychologists claim that men think about sex every five minutes. According to the same source, women have “indecent” thoughts crossing their minds every ten minutes. Some people have no problems with their fixation on sex. Others feel ill at ease being preoccupied with sex. The latter go at any lengths in an attempt to lead nature by the nose. At times they succeed in doing so.

There are quite a few categories of people who believe they would be better off without sex. First off, members of the so-called antisexual movement sit on top of the list. Those weirdos foam at the mouth arguing that sex is bad for your health etc. However, there are others who find sex troublesome.

Thinking about sex can distress military men on a mission, young novices who are about to take vows, and lovers who sometimes get separated for a number of reasons.

Athletes, writers and scientists try to avoid thinking about sex for most pragmatic purposes e.g. win a tournament, write a book or make a scientific discovery. The above professionals fall under a classic case of sublimation whereby a person represses his sex urge and redirects the energy into pursuing his creative ambitions. According to the Freud theory, the human culture is a product of sublimation.

Method No 1: Go on a diet

It is thought that a severe diet can lower the production of sex hormones. The fewer the calories, the weaker the sexual drive. People are said to think less about sex after reducing calorie content of their food by 40%.

Do not forget that your diet should be free from the so-called aphrodisiacs i.e. spices (pepper, cinnamon, ginger, basil etc.), nuts, mushrooms, eggs, sea food, meat, fish, olives, honey and chocolate. More importantly, refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages.

Method No2: Exercise

The protagonist in the Italian movie The Taming of the Shrew (no relation to a comedy by Shakespeare) would start violently chopping up firewood every time he saw a beauty passing by. Strenuous physical exercise can be a good help in a battle between the spirit and the flesh.

You can go to a gym if your ax is not at hand in the right moment. Alternatively, you can do a hundred of sit-ups or push-ups.

Method No3: Try mortification of the flesh

Historically, mortification was one of the most effective ways of overcoming temptations of the flesh. Many monks would subjugate their bodies by abstinence, ascetic discipline and self-inflicted suffering. For example, Saint Benedict, the founder of Benedictine order, would rush to the brier every time he felt the onset of sexual arousal.

Method No4: Take medication

Rumor has it that cooks in the Soviet army were given special orders to slip bromide into the food of draftees so that the latter may be less preoccupied with sex. Other drugs can also help keep libido down: antidepressants, tranquilizers, beta blockers, diuretics, sedatives, and some drugs for treating cardiovascular diseases.

However, the above are normally prescribed for treating conditions that are not by any means related to sexual arousal. It is dangerous to take them without seeing your doctor first.

Method No 5: Practice extreme sports and activities

Going in for some energetic athletic activity usually leads to an increase in the production of adrenaline, an important hormone that has widespread effects on circulation, the muscles, and sugar metabolism. However, a higher level of adrenalin can never trigger erection. You can practice martial arts (Thai boxing, karate etc.) or a variety of extreme sports e.g. diving, skydiving, mountaineering and the like. You may as well join the army or a soccer fan club. Some people claim that a good fight is better then sex.

Method No 6: Say a prayer

The following is a piece of advice posted on a web site run by one of the Russian Orthodox groups: “You can resort to a great remedy when you start growing weaker and find yourself at the end of your tether. A prayer can be your last hope because the Lord is strong enough to save even those whose are on the verge of an abysm. Don’t hesitate and start praying, especially when lascivious thoughts come rushing in. A short yet persistently repeated prayer ‘Have mercy on me!’ can be particularly useful under the circumstances.”

Method No 7: Find a distraction to keep yourself from thinking about sex

It is hard to believe that workaholics can be great lovers, whatever some scientists may say to the contrary. Can you picture a guy working 12-14 hours a day with sex on his mind? Well, if you can, you must be talking pure fiction.

There are other things that can distract you from sexual activities. You can read books, do crossword puzzles or play computer games. The latter are especially good because they are very time-consuming. Never-ending online sagas like Lineage-2 that are reportedly played by thousands day and night can do the trick.

Method No 8: Get a job in a sex industry

It resembles homeopathy, the method of treating disease by drugs, given in minute doses to produce in a healthy person symptoms similar to those of the disease.


Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov