Staunch defender of gay rights got to know the joy of fatherhood

"No one should be deprived of simple human joys," the deputy believes

Edvard Murzin, a deputy in the Bashkortostan republican legislature in central Russia was made happy by his daughter's birth two days ago. A baby girl weighs 3 kg 430 g and is 51 cm tall.

Edvard brought his wife to the hospital on Monday evening. Yesterday morning his wife Olga has told him the news during the phone conversation. The happy father screamed “Olya! Olya!” near the maternity home. This has been a traditional way of communicating with  women in maternity homes in Russia for ages. Then Edvard recollected about the existence of mobile phones and concluded that all men go crazy when they become fathers. During the phone conversation he asked his wife about the color of baby's eyes and hair.

Not so long ago all Russian newspapers were gossiping about the argument between the deputy and his wife.  Some even supposed that he had left his pregnant wife for a man. There were reasons for this: Murzin was trying to marry the editor of a gay magazine. But those who saw the happy father with a bouquet of flowers had no more doubts.

“I have decided for that we will have three or five children”, Edvard assured. At hospital the deputy received a list of things, which need to be bought for a baby. He went shopping straight away. Diapers were the most difficult to choose, the father confessed. “Druggist doesn't have children so all the people who were at the drugstore helped me in choosing.”

The only reason for argument between parents is the name for a girl. Olga wants to name her Alla, whereas Edvard likes Amata, which is quite a rare name. The deputy explains his strange choice by the fact that this name is written in Russian and English in the same way.

The baby will have patronymic name, which is usual for Russians but not for Murzin himself: he declined his patronymic name and changed his passport.

Even in the happiest moments of his life the deputy kept on doing his duty. “I wish all gays and lesbians could feel the joy of motherhood and fatherhood. No one should be deprived of simple human joys!” Murzin said.

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Author`s name Olga Savka