American farmers find mutilated cows on pastures

Scientists have not found an explanation to the mysterious phenomenon yet

Raymond Callahan, a rancher from Oregon, found a dead calf in his cattle-pen early in the morning on March 26, 1996. It was a newborn, one-month-old calf. The appearance of the corpse seemed rather extraordinary, and the rancher decided to consult a vet.

Callahan said he had checked all animals in the herd the day before – they were all healthy. “I found the dead calf the next morning, when I went to feed my cows,” the rancher said. “At first I thought that the coyotes had killed the little bull, but when I came closer to the body, I realized that a predatory animal could not mutilate its prey in such a way. I asked a vet to come and examine the calf.”

The only visible injury on the calf's body was the absence of skin around its navel. The skin was cut off in the form of a perfect circle, about 20 centimeters in diameter. Moreover, the doctor was shocked to find out that there was absolutely no blood in the calf's body. In addition, it had its tongue uprooted.

Another American rancher, Bill Barton and his wife Jean, were shocked to come across two mutilated cows on their pasture, south-east off Eagle Lake. Someone cut off cows' ears and tongues. One of the cows had its teats missing on the udder, the other one had no udder at all – it was sliced off with the surrounding tissue. The cows' rectums and genitals were amputated too. The autopsy of the two cows showed that the animals had been drained of blood. No blood stains or traces of fighting, however, had been found near the corpses.

Another similar incident occurred in 1995, when farmer Tim Howard from Klamatah Falls found a dead cow on Decmeber 21. The farmer said he had seen many cows slaughtered by predators, but he could not find an explanation for the death of the cow he found that morning. Someone, or something skillfully removed the cow's tongue, left eye, all four teats, the rectum and genitals. In addition, four round foramens were found on the animal's stomach. To crown it all, the cow's body was warm, although it was a cold December morning. Cadaveric rigidity did not start, it was possible to bend the animal's joints too. Coyotes did not touch the dead cow either, which was more than just surprising. Coyotes are very numerous in those sparsely populated areas. If these predators attack a calf, they either bite its snout or neck. They always eat the fallen cattle, although the predators never approached a dead animal with such mysterious wounds.

Ranchers and farmers of Oregon, California and other cattle-breeding states have been finding mutilated animals on their pastures for more than 50 years already. As a rule, all corpses were found completely bloodless, but there were no blood stains found either on the body or around it. Animals' organs and tissues were amputated with surgical skillfulness, which required high-quality tools. Amputated organs have never been found anywhere.

Farmers have reported many mysterious and tragic mutilations to local governments and the police. Police officers could not believe the farmers, of course. They explained the bizarre incidents with coyotes' attacks or satanic cults. As a result, farmers stopped telling the authorities about the mutilated cows. “Sheriffs did their best to avoid any questions, reporters and cameras, when they were coming to see the dead bodies,” farmer Bill Barton said.

In October of 1995, when Bill and Jean Barton found two dead cows on their farm, Jean wrote several letters to local newspapers, having described every detail of the incident. To Jean's great surprise, almost all newspapers published her letters. The sensational information appeared on pages of local and then national American newspapers and magazines. Furthermore, farmers from other states responded to the articles, and reported similar incidents happening in their areas too.

The phenomenon attracted attention of veterinaries, hunters, biologists, governmental officials, biochemists and ufologists. It has been proved that the majority of cuts on animals' bodies were performed with the use of something reminiscent of laser. However, no compact laser devices have been invented yet to perform such operations.

The profound examination of tissues, as well as plants and soil around the corpses unveiled strange and inexplicable changes in the cell structure. Scientists proved that predators or satanic cult members had not been involved in mysterious mutilations. The strange incidents cannot be referred to secret military experiments either.

Scientists continue investigation of the mysterious phenomenon. Biologists and ufologists joined forces with farmers and certain governmental organizations.

Vadim Ilyin

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Author`s name Olga Savka