Thirty-five facts about phenomenon of Russian women

The beauty of Russian women is a part of Russia's national wealth. Let us take a look at a few interesting facts about Russian women to try to unravel the mystery of the phenomenon of Russian women. 

1. In Russia, women outnumber men by ten million people. 

2. In Russia, the child remains with the mother in 95 percent of cases of divorce. 

3. Fyodor Vasilyev's wife delivered 69 children from 1725 to 1765. Sixteen of them were twins. The woman gave birth to seven triplets and four quadruplets 4 (the total of 27 births). Sixty-seven of 69 children survived infancy.

4. Most common female names in Russia are Anastasia, Maria, Anna and Daria.

5. Fifty-three percent of Russian women wear fur coats in winter.

6. Russian women often break records. Russia's Natalia Molchanova became the first female diver, who dove deeper than 100 meters. Soviet aviatrix Marina Raskova set a record for a distance of single flight. Muza Malinovskaya set a record in parachute jumping. Soviet athlete Galina Chistyakova owns a record in long jumping, while pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva owns 28 world records.

7. Russian model Natalia Semanova became the youngest winner of prestigious contest "The Look of the Year." She won the contest when she was 14 years old.

8. The Soviet Union legalized abortion in 1955, and the number of abortions started growing rapidly. By 1964, a record number of abortions had been reached - 5.46 million.

9. The Russian army has about 50,000 service women.

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10. Russian women are considered to be one of world's most beautiful women.

11. Russia was the first country where women took an active part in revolutionary organizations. 

12. It was beautiful Russian emigrants in the early XX century, who transformed the profession of a model into a prestigious and highly paid job.

13. Today, Russian beauties rule in the fashion business. Sasha Pivovarova, Irina Shayk, Tatiana Sorokko, Natalia Vodianova, Natasha Poly, Eugenia Volodina, Irina Kulikova - this is not the complete list of Russian top models.

14. The French writer Frederic Beigbeder wrote about Russian women: "Women of all nationalities hate them, because beauty is unfair and one should fight against unfairness. Russian women are  enemies. Angels have always had plenty of enemies - you can read the Bible to see it, because this book is a catalog of martyred angels."

15. During the Great Patriotic War, 90 women became Heroes of the Soviet Union; more than a half of them were awarded the title posthumously.

16. The share of Russian women in different age groups (% of total population): up to 20 years - 49%, 29-30 years - 50%, 40-59 years - 54%, 60-79 years - 63%, and 80 older - 76%. 

17. In the United States, Russian women are considered to be perfect wives.

18. More than 95% of Russians consider themselves ugly.

19. First female professor in Russia and Northern Europe was Sofia Kovalevskaya.

20. The average stature of Russian women today is 168 cm and their average weight is 69 kg. 

21. According to current statistics, Russian women have their first child at 25 years of age. In the UK - at 29, in Spain - at 31, in Italy - 29, in Canada and the US - at 30 years of age. 

22. In the Russian Empire, there were four empresses: Catherine I, Anna Ivanovna, Elizaveta Petrovna, Catherine II.

23. The number of women residents is the largest in Ivanovo and Yaroslavl regions (55% of the population of the region), while their number is the smallest in Chukotka (49% of the population of the region).

24. Russian women have always inspired genius men, not only in Russia but in many other countries.

25. It is believed that women in Russia are less emancipated. European women often wonder why Russian woman have not announced a revolution to overthrow machismo.

26. A relative majority of Russians have straight (59%) and brown (35%) hair. More than a half of women dye their hair.

28. In 1997, 112,976 women emigrated from Russia abroad. It was a record number in the history of post-perestroika Russia.

29. The percentage of married women in Russia has increased from 9% to 29% over the past ten years.

30. In Russia, married women would never wear braids. Married women would wear different hair styles, different hats, earrings, skirts and different ornaments on their clothes. 

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31. The first Soviet citizen who visited the White House in Washington was legendary Soviet sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko.

32. Foreigners are still amazed at the cooking abilities of Russian women. About 80 percent of Russian women say that they cook at home on a regular basis. 

33. Due to the early mortality among males in Russia, every other woman becomes lonely by 70 years of age. 

34. Many Russian women believe that sautéed chicken with vegetable stew is the sexiest dish. Most women would make this dish for dinner to attract a man. 

35. Nikolay Nekrasov's "Russian Women" poem has 1,827 words. This is the longest piece of poetry dedicated to women of one country.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov