World's most anorexic woman dreams of motherhood

Valeria Levitina is the thinnest woman in the world. At age 39, she weighs only 25 kilos (55lb). Her mother calls her daughter a living corpse, which, of course, sounds harsh, but the woman does look like a mummy. Valeria looks like that because of extreme diet that she started herself. She went on that diet to be more beautiful and attractive to men. Nowadays, Valeria's life has turned into nightmare. She can hardly feel the taste of food, she eats strongly according to a special schedule; her each meal causes her pain, First Channel says.

Valeria lives in sunny Monaco, where she hopes to recover. Her physical strength is enough for studies; her only source of income is her unemployment allowance. Valeria goes food shopping every day. Every morning, the woman has to drink a lot of strong coffee due to her incredibly low blood pressure.

Twenty-three years ago, Valeria Levitina moved to the United States with her parents. She has recently returned to Russia, where, as she says, she would like to stay.

Valeria says that she can not eat whatever she wants. However, she has a lot of other problems related to digestion that strongly affect her choice of food. Food does not give her any pleasure now - it only gives the woman pain.

Her every visit to a grocery store is like a visit to a dietitian: proteins, fats, carbs - all according to schedule - severe consequences may come shortly otherwise.  

"I like shrimp, but never frozen. I never eat frozen food. The shrimp here is always fresh, they bring it here every day. I eat a variety of vegetables. My fridge is small because the apartment is tiny, so I go food shopping every day. For proteins I prefer rabbit."

Valeria lives and studies in Monaco. She receives dual education: Doctor of Business Administration and Ph.D in Economics. She enjoys the beautiful little country, but it is hard for Valeria to live there morally. Her looks makes people stare, they try not to approach the woman.

Twenty years ago, Valeria was an absolutely healthy woman. During the 1990s, Valeria moved to the United States with her mother and stepfather.

According to First Channel, her life took a drastic turn after a phrase that she heard from a man. "We went on a picnic one day, to play football. During the game, a man in the team said: "I know how we can win. We need to make Valeria's ass a goalkeeper." That phrase shattered my whole world and existence."

Valeria went on a diet and began doing sports. Soon afterwards, she lost a third of her weight. She became obsessed with the idea of losing weight. Slowly but surely, Valeria drove herself into depression. She never felt healthy afterwards.

Valeria says that anorexia is a disease that lives in the head. When it becomes visible on the outside, it is too late to change anything for the better.

"It could have been easier for me if I had had support and help. I was alone. My relationship with my mother was not very good. She never approved the men I would date and we often had fights," she says.

Valeria has returned to Moscow for the first time in 23 years. She says that she feels better at home because home is the best hospital. Her biggest dream is to share her love with someone: Valeria dreams of motherhood. Being unable to give birth to her own baby, the woman seriously considers surrogacy. 

Based on the materials of First Channel

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov