Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Modern women sick of metrosexual men, switch to neosexuals

It seems that metrosexuals yield the palm to the new kind of modern-day men – a fine combination of sensitivity and masculinity. A recent research conducted by one of the largest makers of consumer goods identified the new type of men as neosexuals.

The neosexual is a male distinctive for his masculine qualities and who at the same time can be sensitive and emotional. This is a hybrid of a patriarchal man and a metrosexual. The neosexual is an emotionally developed individual who instinctively understands the needs of modern-day women.

The research showed that women begin to complain of effeminate men and prefer to choose partners of a more masculine image, of the cowboy type, for example. In addition, women do not encourage the type of behavior that erases the sex differences, Argentina ’s Corrientes Noticias newspaper wrote.

The weaker sex hates it when a man spends a lot of time taking great care of himself, not to mention the fondness for cosmetic products that men can often develop nowadays. Women want to have the good old traditions back.

The research showed that the new type of men can be attractive simply because of the fact that neosexuals are physically strong and sexually substantial.

It seems that women do not enjoy online communication as much as they did before. Not only are they tired of metrosexual men, but they are sick of another type of modern men who lead frantic lifestyles and become very addicted to the Internet. Quite on the contrary, ladies prefer to talk to their boyfriends and husbands on the phone, they expect men to ask them out on a date and would like to bid farewell to trivial text messages.

Seventy-two percent of the polled women said that they would prefer a strong and confident man who knows what he wants.

Eighty-five percent confirmed that they would be easily tempted with a passionate kiss of a strong man. Many of the polled women said that they at times admire men’s straight-forwardness in their sexual intentions. They think that it is a man who is supposed to take on the initiative during a moment of passion because this is exactly the moment when women feel desirable and seductive.

Sixty-five percent of the polled women said that the sight of a man dolling himself up in front of a mirror is depressing. Women say that a man should take care of himself, of course, although they can not stand it when they need to wait for a man while he is dressing up.

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