Earth's rotation can lead to the Deluge

Snows of Antarctica and Greenland are harbouring danger

The world rotates round its axis. This fact does not seem to cause any fear or worry. However, the dangers are lurking about every bend. This rotation system is Delugenot mechanically stable as tones of snow fall on the continental platform of Greenland and Antarctica every year. This snow forms a so-called icy dumbbell the, which increases in size every year. This is where the danger is lurking. It is well-known that the rotating dumbbell tends to hold a posture that is perpendicular to the axis of rotation. When the weight of this icy dumbbell reaches its critical point, the thin stone membrane floating on the scorching Earth's surface will start moving. While the planet will maintain its orientation in space there will be variation in altitude of the poles both magnetic and geographic. This is accompanied by significant deformations of the Earth surface as the rotation influences the shape of the Earth. If the Earth did not rotate it would be a perfect sphere. It does rotate, though. That is why any dumbbell or a sphere located on its surface is additionally affected by centrifugal force. Under this force this sphere will roll to the equator and finally stop at it. The equator is 40 thousand kilometers long, so it makes a complete turn in 24 hours (86400 seconds). Each point of the equator rotates at the speed of 463 meters per second. Thus, any solid body that starts moving from the pole gains the speed of the bullet at the equator.

The main spherical objects that are rolling on the Earth's surface are water molecules. They spread around the Earth long time ago and formed the level of the World Ocean, i.e. the surface where the water molecule itself does not roll in any direction as the sum of the forces involved equals zero. The points of the World Ocean at the equator are located 6378,245 kilometers from the center of the Earth while the points of the pole are located 6356,863 kilometers making the difference of 21,382 kilometers.

In other words, transferring a glass of water from the pole to the equator is similar to lifting it to the height of 21 kilometers and 382 meters. The World Ocean's level is a surface where the water molecules maintain equilibrium. However, if we place a spherical object that is larger then water molecule in diameter it will start rolling because its centre of gravity is farther from the Earth's centre as well as from the Earth's rotation axis.

Therefore, gravitation that affects each of its molecules decreases, whereas by contrast centrifugal force increases. This means that in the end this spherical object will gain the mentioned speed of 463 meters per second! Imagine, what kind of danger is hiding in the mountain glaciers of Greenland and Antarctica!

Take Greenland, for instance. More than 80 percent of its territory is covered with glacier. The volume of the ice is 2,6 million cubic kilometers. Its height reaches 3700 meters. The ice weighs 2,61015 tons. This is something to think of. The ice accumulates on the continental platform drifting on the basaltic base with the density of 5,5 grams per cubic centimeter. Thus, every time 5,5 meters of ice are accumulated Greenland sinks into basalt only one meter deep. The glacier really behaves as the head of the dumbbell.

But such frightening catastrophes did not take place in the past. Or did they? The answer is yes and the best example would be the Deluge. Science rejects the idea of the Deluge. For some stupid reasons somebody decided that the conservation laws are contradicted in this process. They say in order to flood the whole Earth enormous amounts of water must be delivered from somewhere and then taken away again in 40 days. In fact it is much more simple.

Water floods vast land territories because streaming water always has a shape of the World Ocean's level whereas hard lithosphere holds its shape for some time. That is why its circumpolar zones that are dislocated to the equator and submerge deep into the sea. The former equator as the largest section forming the circular mountain system will be more distinctive as it will become more lopsided to the equator. Are there any circular mountain systems on Earth, by the way? Geographical science does not know any. Therefore there were no real Deluges. Nevertheless, there were because in fact, circular mountain systems exist on our planet…

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Author`s name Olga Savka