Mysterious fireballs ram the Earth

A mysterious fire tornado that ripped through the jungles had torn out trees in some areas, while leaving the vegetation untouched.

At night of 14 September 2004 many people got a chance to witness the fall of a fire object near the southern Argentinean town of Ushuaia. Further searches in the region yielded fascinating results: the area of approximately 150 sq meters had absolutely no trees. At first sight, it appeared as though the trees were chopped down; however, all the vegetation remained untouched. More so, according to the Argentinean media, scientists were unable to find any traces of the mysterious fire object that had “melted down” the woods. The next day, on September 15th, another fire object was spotted in that same region.

Currently, researchers are trying to determine the nature of such mysterious phenomenon. It is likely that it has got something to do with the kind of research work many scientists from all over the world have been preoccupied with for ages. In particular, Sandia National Laboratories hosted a workshop in August of this year which was dedicated specifically to such kind of unexplained phenomena involving descending burning objects.

One Russian scientist, candidate of physic-mathematical sciences Andrei Ol’khovatov was one of the participants of the workshop.

In his exclusive interview to “PRAVDA.RU”, Mr. Ol'khovatov noted that due to the lack of evidences regarding recent events in Argentina, it is rather difficult to draw any conclusions at this point. However, if analysis of the eyewitnesses' words will be confirmed concerning the fact that the fire object had in fact landed in the area with major tree-anomaly and the date of the anomaly will correspond to that of the fall, then this occurrence could be classified as something of a mystic origin. In that case, it will be referred to as a “geophysical meteors.”

Scientists have yet been unable to determine physical mechanism of geophysical meteors. All that is known today is the fact that geophysical meteors somewhat resemble high-energy ball lightning and has a tendency to remain in certain geophysical environment.  

According to Ol'khovatov, geophysical meteors are far from harmless. In January of this year, a fire ball has caused severe damage to a house in the Iranian town of Babol. However, there were plenty of far worse cases. In 1935 for instance, hundreds of kilometers of jungles have been completely destroyed in South America, in British Guiana.  

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov