One out of ten marriages is infertile: looking for solutions

Concerns over mounting male health problems and revolutionary approaches triggered by introduction of birth control pills for women and  drugs against impotence for men have become catalysts for open discussions.
A world forum on male health was held last week  in Buenos Aires.  In recent years,  conferences devoted to male sexual and reproductive health are taking place now and then.

Studies have shown that at least one out of every ten marriages is infertile.  Whilst in the past the blame for infertility was generally laid on women, now it appears to be shared by both parents alike.  

Impotence caused by erectile dysfunction has become the main factor contributing to male infertility.  This   condition,   making it impossible for a man to have children, is aggravated by inability to have sex, which is quite a crucial component of life. 

It was the “blue pill” that made wonders and rectified a weakness of nature.   The pharmaceuticals market offers a variety of drugs allowing additional convenience for men. There are pills that can be taken before a sexual intercourse, or those with sustained action. Most likely that pills for radical treatment of erectile dysfunction may emerge soon.

Today, other aspects of the problem are coming into being, i.e. to what extent society as a whole and its male component are ready to accept and make use of technology advancements, and the level of our  sex culture and education.

According to Igor Kon, the prominent Russian sociologist, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, countries with low sexual culture show low economic performance since their population is too inhibited   to realize their ambitions in full.  A good opposite example is Japan with its high rates of economic development with over 44 percent of men remaining sexually active after 70, not to mention younger ages.

Andrologists say that over 70 percent of men think about sex “often or very often”. Science does its best to make them not just think.

Tatyana Bateneva 

Translated by ZM

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova