Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov

Who wants to be a Genius?

Scientists of the Russian Institute of Science and Research have been examining a human brain in the course of eighty years while hoping to discover a secret…of enormous intelligence. Rudolf Khudoerkov, Institute’s Deputy Science Director has stated that along with brain research, scientists also examine “individual characteristics of the larger brain hemispheres of famous scientists, artists as well as politicians.”

Accoring to Khudoerkov, Russian scientists have been unable to discover the so-called “Genius gene” yet. However, they were able to determine that one of the most important factors influencing a person’s development is in fact parents’ involvement with a child during the first year of his life. “A child’s brain increases more than 2,5 times in the course of his first 12 months. It is of utmost importance to work intensively with the child at this time. His parents should constantly talk to him, show various pictures, play with their child, and so on.”

“A person’s brain undergoes constant adjustments and developments since the first day of birth until his death,” says Khudoerkov. “Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to ‘feed’ the brain with intellectual food. One must constantly read and train his memory.”

The scientist considers human brain to be “an immense scientific challenge”. Modern science, according to him, “is only beginning to unveil its mind-boggling mysteries.” However, scientists can already provide some valuable information pertaining to the subject matter. “They were able to discover, for instance, that blind and deaf people undergo considerable changes of their brain structures. Such mutations occur in order to compensate person’s lost abilities, such as vision or hearing,” notes Khudoerkov.  


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