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Russia to build up-to-date base for nuclear submarines equipped with superpowerful Bulava missiles

Russia will build a new base of nuclear submarines in the Kamchatka region (Russia’s Far East), Interfax reports quoting Admiral Vladimir Masorin, the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy. It will be the most modern naval base in Russia, the agency quotes the official as saying.

The base, where latest models of nuclear-powered submarines (Borei class) will be stationed, will be built in the town of Vilyuchinsky, in Kamchatka.

“There will be a complex life support system created for them, as well as the necessary infrastructure, which particularly includes a special energy supply system when water and steam will be delivered to the submarines from the coast. Over nine billion rubles have been allocated from the state budget for the purposes,” Vladimir Masorin said.

A new hospital for submariners will also be opened in Vilyuchinsk in October-November of the current year. The hospital, Masorin said, will be equipped with up-to-date medical technologies.

Russia launched the first nuclear submarine (Yuri Dolgoruky) of Borei class in April of the current year. Two other similar subs – Alexander Nevsky and Vladimir Monomakh – are said to be complete in 2010.

The three nuclear cruisers will be used in the Pacific Ocean. According to the project, each of the subs will be outfitted with 12 Bulava ballistic missiles. The missiles are capable of delivering ten nuclear warheads at a distance of up to 8,000 kilometers. The previous base of the Soviet and Russian fleet of nuclear submarines was located in the town of Severomorsk, in the Kola Peninsula.

Admiral Vladimir Masorin arrived in Kamchatka from Murmansk, where he made several other important statements. The official said that only contracted military men would serve on Russia’s naval vessels after 2009. In addition, he said, Russia was going to start the construction of its first-ever aircraft carrier after 2015 that would carry up to 30 planes and helicopters. There are 19 Russian submarines and surface vessels patrolling the World Ocean at the moment.

Source: agencies

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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