Russian President Receives Credentials of Ambassadors of Several Countries

President Vladimir Putin. The Russian head of state, speaking at the ceremony, noted that the ambassadors "represent various parts of this planet". "But in an interconnected and interdependent modern world not a single country can wall itself off from common problems facing the present-day international community," Putin remarked.

According to him, these are local and regional conflicts, international terrorism and extremism, and financial and financial-economic crises. The Russian head of state expressed conviction that these pressing and urgent challenges can be met "only through the joint efforts of the entire world community." According to the president, international developments are putting to the fore the paramount task "of preserving international legal norms as a priority, and the unique role of institutions of global security, above all the UN, in ensuring strategic stability." Putin pointed out that "the recent realities have proved that the universal rules of conduct, elaborated through the centuries of historical development, need constant adapting to a changing world, and careful cultivation." The president gave an assurance that Russia "is a reliable partner in shaping a genuine democratic model of a new world order" and is prepared for the widest possible co-operation in this area.